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Clubs and Co-Curricular Opportunities

  • We know when we support students to learn at their potential, we must reach both their heads and their hearts.  Co-curricular clubs and activities are often what allow our students opportunities to play, explore, and engage in topics that ignite their interests. Signature Programs offer after-school clubs and activities related to their individual signature themes. These clubs and activities are open to all interested students in each high school.

  • Arundel offers a variety of clubs and co-curricular opportunities related to our Signature Program.  Students should know what their options are and take part in these opportunities as their schedules allow.

  • Interact Club:  Plan and implement community service projects for local, national, and international organizations, including Kenya Connect.             

    Advisors: Mr.Costa and Ms.Stawas                     

    Meeting Schedule: Wednesday 1st Half of Pride


    Key Club:   Do you want to make a difference in your school? In our community? Join the Key Club as we make a difference for all of us.


    Advisors:  Ms. Kick                                             

    Meeting Schedule:  Monday 2nd Half of Pride


    Chick fil-A Leadership Academy:  A national high school leadership program focused on IMPACT THROUGH ACTION.

    Advisors:  Mr. Eagle and Ms. Plitt                                         

    Meeting Schedule:  Friday 2nd Half of Pride