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Signature Courses

  • The curriculum for each of our high school Signature Programs is crafted to be rich with opportunities to see learning come alive through purposeful engaging activities and planned opportunities for students to meet professionals working in industry, government, and organizations throughout the public and private sectors.  Signature Explorations Courses exist in every high school.  These unique courses are semester or year-long survey offerings that introduce students to their school’s Signature theme.  These workforce-relevant Signature Exploration courses are collaboratively designed by AACPS educators and community/business partners working alongside one another.

Signature Explorations Courses

  • Our Signature Program, Community Development and Global Citizenship, helps students understand:

    • How YOUR community and people all around the world are connected.

    • How YOU can positively contribute to and understand global issues and communities.

    You can join the Signature Program by taking the Signature Explorations classes, but once you join it becomes much more than a regular class, you find yourself being part of a program where you can discover new things about yourself, your community, and others around the world!


    Community Development/Global Citizenship Explorations 1

    Students will identify and discuss issues, events, and essential questions relevant to youth in a globalized society, consider the cultural and technological influences that have shaped our modern society, and consider how these impact the students' social and professional options in their future. 


    Community Development/Global Citizenship Ex. 1 with Gaming

    This is an alternative to Explorations 1 that includes a gaming component. Students take one course or the other, but not both. 


    Community Development/Global Citizenship Ex. 2 (Runs as Leadership 1 & 2 at Arundel HS)

    Through the Signature lens, these courses explore the skills, competencies, and workforce connections to be a successful leader in the 21st century globalized community.  Strategies integral to this course include the effective and responsible use of the internet, the ability to discuss and debate mature topics and themes respectfully, and participating in multi-disciplinary project-based learning. 



    Signing Up for Signature Classes

    Want to sign up for Community Development and Global Citizenship-Explorations 1 or Student Leadership- Explorations 2?  Contact your counselor and select it as an option on your course registration to take it next year.  Ready to join us now and don't want to wait until next year?  Contact your counselor ASAP to adjust your schedule for next semester!