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  • The goal of Arundel Community Development and Global Citizenship Signature Program is to create PASSIONATE and ENGAGED future workers of the 21st Century Global Community.  By working with several of the community's finest "field professionals", we provide students with life-changing experiences that will help them explore various career sectors. 

    It’s critical that our students actively learn about issues connecting the global to the local and hone the 21st century skills needed to become college and career ready and to thrive in our increasingly competitive global economy.  Arundel’s Signature Program challenges students to:  investigate the world, consider a variety of perspectives, communicate ideas, and take meaningful action.

    At Arundel High, we define Community Development and Global Citizenship as:

    Community Development:

    •  the act of growing, expanding, improving, or making more effective either a location/place AND/OR groups of people who have mutual interests.                                                                                                                                    

    Global Citizenship

    • Encourages people to consider their individual impact on the wider community, including participation in the political, economic, social, cultural, and environmental conditions in which they live.                                                         

    Through both of these lenses, the Arundel Community Development and Global Citizenship Signature Program explores all of the careers involved in making a local, national, and global society successful and sustainable.  




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