• Blueprint for Maryland's Future

Steering Committee

  • During the 2021-2022 school year, the AACPS Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Steering Committee is composed of AACPS staff and key partner staff from Anne Arundel Community College.  The committee met every three weeks throughout the school year to monitor, evaluate, and drive the overall efforts of those working in each of the four Blueprint policy areas.  The table below shows the composition of the Steering Committee.

    AACPS Blueprint Steering Committee

    Shannon Pugh                 Director of Community & School Programming (AACPS)
                                                  (Blueprint Implementation Coordinator)

    Matt Stanski                     Director of Financial Operations (AACPS) - (Blueprint Financial Lead)

    Monique Jackson            Deputy Superintendent for School & Student Support (AACPS)

    Maureen McMahon        Deputy Superintendent for Academics & Strategic Initiatives (AACPS)

    Alex Szachnowicz           Chief Operating Officer (AACPS)

    Bob Mosier                        Chief Communications Officer (AACPS)

    Michael Borkoski            Chief Information Officer (AACPS)

    Michele Batten                Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction (AACPS)

    Mary Tillar                         Assistant Superintendent for Advanced Studies and Programs (AACPS)

    Maisha Gillins                   Executive Director of Equity & Accelerated Student Achievement (AACPS)

    Jason Dykstra                   Executive Director of Instructional Data (AACPS)

    Jessica Cuches                 Executive Director of Human Resources (AACPS)

    Heidi Oliver-Ogilvie        Executive Director of Professional Growth and Development (AACPS)

    Jeanette Ortiz, Esq.       Legislative & Policy Counsel (AACPS)

    Sara Eger                            Director of Instructional Pathways & Partnerships (AACC)

    Kevin Wajek                       Director of Instruction (AACPS)

    Lisa Seaman-Crawford     Director of Facilities (AACPS)