• Blueprint for Maryland's Future

Steering Committee

  • The 2023-2024 AACPS Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Steering Committee is composed of AACPS staff.  The committee meets monthly throughout the school year to monitor, evaluate, and drive the overall efforts of those working in each of the four Blueprint policy areas.  The table below shows the composition of the Steering Committee.


    AACPS Blueprint Steering Committee


    Shannon Pugh

    Director of Community & School Programming

    (Blueprint Implementation Coordinator)

    Matt Stanski

    Chief Financial Officer

    (Blueprint Financial Lead)



    Mark Bedell

    Superintendent of Schools

    Monique Jackson

    Deputy Superintendent for School & Student Support

    Marquis Dwarte

    Chief Academic Officer

    Jason Dykstra

    Chief Accountability Officer

    Maisha Gillins

    Chief Equity & Innovation Officer

    Bob Mosier

    Chief Communications Officer

    Jessica Cuches

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Michael Borkoski

    Chief Information Officer

    William Heiser

    Chief Operating Officer

    Mychael Dickerson

    Chief of Staff

    Dawn Lucarelli

    Associate Superintendent for School Performance

    Mary Tillar

    Assistant Superintendent for Advanced Studies & Programs

    Michele Batten

    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

    Heidi Oliver

    Assistant Superintendent for Professional Growth & Development

    Sarah McDonald-Egan

    Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services

    Jolyn Davis

    Regional Assistant Superintendent (Annapolis)

    Chris Truffer

    Regional Assistant Superintendent (Arundel/Crofton/South River)

    Karen Donovan

    Regional Assistant Superintendent (Broadneck/Southern)

    Bill Goodman

    Regional Assistant Superintendent (Chesapeake/North County)

    Janine Robinson

    Regional Assistant Superintendent (Glen Burnie/Severna Park)

    Daryl Kennedy

    Regional Assistant Superintendent (Meade)

    Lisa Leitholf

    Regional Assistant Superintendent (Northeast/Old Mill)

    Sonya McElroy

    Director of Birth-5 Programs, Special Services & Nonpublic Placement

    Nicole Howard

    Director of Curriculum & Assessments

    Patrick Crain

    Director of Educational Options & School Climate

    Melisa Rawles

    Director of Employee Relations

    Kyle Ruef

    Director of Facilities

    Kevin Wajek

    Director of Instruction

    Julie Cares

    Director of Leadership Development (AACPS)

    Kevin Hamlin

    Director of Magnet Programs (AACPS)

    Diane McGowan

    Director of Specially Designed Instruction & Compliance (AACPS)

    Ryan Voegtlin

    Director of Student Services (AACPS)

    Terri Whitehead

    Transportation Supervisor

    Kelly Thomas

    Senior Manager of Compensatory Education (AACPS)

    Scott McGuire

    Senior Manager of Human Capital Management

    Sheila McEwan

    Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives (AACPS)

    Amanda Salveron

    Manager of Academic Supports & Enhanced Programming

    Ryan Sackett

    Coordinator of Career & Technical Education

    Patricia Saynuk

    Coordinator of Early Childhood & School Readiness (AACPS)

    Katelyn Williams

    Project Specialist for Curriculum & Instruction (AACPS)

    Grace Wilson

    Legislation & Policy Specialist (AACPS)