• Are the programs full-day or half-day?

    The locations that have 3-Year-Old Prekindergarten programs are full-day.


    How can I help my child be successful in 3-Year-Old Prekindergarten? Toilet training?

    3-Year-Old Prekindergarten is a 5-day a week program. To have a successful prekindergarten experience, children need to attend school on a regular basis. Please purchase clothing your child can manage independently. Additional information is found here on toilet training. 

    How many students are in a 3-Year-Old Prekindergarten class?

    There will be an average of 20 children in each class. The ratio of adults to children is 2 adults to 20 children. There will be a teacher and a teaching assistant in each class. 

    Is there a scheduled nap time during 3-Year-Old Prekindergarten?

    The structure of a 3-Year-Old Prekindergarten schedule does include a 40-minute naptime. It is important for your child to get a good night's sleep and arrive at school on time.

    May I apply at multiple 3-Year-Old Prekindergarten sites?

    Yes, you are able to register at multiple locations for 3-Year-Old Prekindergarten. If you accept a spot at a school that is not your designated home school, you will be required to provide transportation for your child to attend prekindergarten. 


    What are the components of the program?

    Components include age-appropriate science, social studies, art, music, technology experiences with attention given to the whole-child, including their social, emotional, and physical/motor development.


    When are conferences held for prekindergarten?

    The prekindergarten school year begins with parent/teacher conferences before the start of the school year. Conferences may also be held in early Fall, Winter and Spring conferences are held for all students in prekindergarten in May. 


    Will my child ride a bus to 3-Year-Old Prekindergarten?

    Your child would be eligible for bus transportation if he or she attends his or her designated homeschool for 3-Year-Old Prekindergarten. Bus routes are used to determine assignments for morning or afternoon half-day sessions. If your child is a bus rider, you should receive a nametag for your child at parent/teacher conference. Make sure the bus number and bus stop are clearly written. For your child's safety, it is important that they wear the tag. This helps the bus driver ensure your child reaches the correct bus stop. We ask the parents/guardian to arrange for someone to meet the student at the bus stop each day. Bus information will be found on aacps.org. 

    Must I provide income information for enrollment?

    Yes, all families must provide income documentation to enroll in the program.  In addition to the income documentation, one month of pay stubs must be submitted within 30 days of the application date.