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AACPS Health & Wellness

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness is a balanced state of physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well being that empowers an individual to meet his or her personal goals with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.  It allows a person who is healthy to cope with and adjust to the recurrent stresses of everyday living in a productive way.

Some goals to achieve mental wellness are:

  • Having satisfying relationships

  • Being happy with one’s academic achievements

  • Maintaining clear and achievable goals

  • Being capable of delaying immediate gratification

  • Making good choices and resisting unhealthy peer pressures

Counseling, Psychological, Social Services

 Mental Health Care Benefits at AACPS

What You Should Know About Choosing A Mental Health Service Provider:

How To Find A Therapist

STUDENT - Safety Hotline

A 24 Hour Anonymous Reporting Hotline

AACPS Crisis Resources for Students, Parents & Teachers

Anne Arundel County Network of Care for Behavioral Health

A resource for individuals and families, providing information about behavioral health services, laws, related news, tools and other information


No Bullying Zone
Anti-Bullying Reporting