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Parents Right to Know

Title I recognizes the vital role that parents, guardians and community members play in the education of their children. Decades of research have confirmed that students with involved parents are more likely to succeed in school.

All Title I schools must provide parents with:

Title I School-Level Parent Plan

In collaboration with parents all Title I schools must develop a parent plan that addresses ways in which schools will, for example, assistance to parents in understanding academic content, ways to improve their child’s academic achievement, and ways for staff and parents to support each other.  Please fill free to ask your school for a copy of their Title I Parent Plan!

Home-School Compact

This is a jointly developed account of the partnership amongst the school, parents, and students for improving student achievement of state academic standards. Please ask your school for a copy.

Title I Annual Parent Input Meeting

Parents must receive notice that the Title I program will host a required meeting detailing parents' rights, the program's intent, the services that will be provided, the Title I curriculum, assessments that will be administered, an overview of the Title I parent involvement policy, and the parent's right to provide feedback on the Title I program. Please look for invitations in the fall and spring and plan to attend.

Instructional Staff Qualifications

For SY2016-2017, parents must receive a notification of their right to request information on teachers' qualifications. If such a request is made by the parent, they will receive information on whether teachers meet state certification requirements for the grade level and subjects they are teaching, whether they are teaching via provisional waiver or emergency permit, their degree major and field of discipline as well as any graduate certification they hold. If their child receives any services from a paraprofessional, parents should also be notified if the paraprofessional has met paraprofessional qualifications.

In addition to the school requirements above, all districts must notify parents regarding District Initiatives to support Parent Engagement.  The Title I Office has developed a comprehensive parent engagement plan in collaboration with the Title I Parent Advisory Council (PAC).  This plan is designed to offer support to parents, schools, and the community in order to build parent capacity.

Title I District Level Parent Plan

Parents and/or guardians have the right to ask the principal of their school for the School Improvement Plan (SIP) in order to review and suggest recommendations to improve academics, parent participation, community involvement, attendance and school safety within their child’s school.