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Enrolling your Child - Step-by-Step Documentation Requirements

If you are a...Relative of a Student Providing Care and/or Custody*

* Due to serious family hardship, including death, serious illness, incarceration, drug
  addiction, military assignment, or abandonment of the child by the parent/guardian.

Mandatory Forms and Documents

(print & fill out)


1.  Notarized Kinship Care Affidavit and Informal Kinship Care status sheet 
(available from the
     school's PPW)
     If student does not meet the definition of kinship care, please:

  • Complete Determination of Residence for School Enrollment

  • Obtain Assignment of Temporary Custody

      The school will work with Central Office personnel for approval.

2.  Residency Documentation


  1. A mortgage document issued within 60 calendar days, deed, valid rental agreement, military housing lease
  2. Tenant residency verification with supporting documentation (with additional paperwork within 30 days) Tenant residence verification form -- (espanol)
  3. A second form of documentation, issued within the past 60 days and on which the address matches the required documentation.  This could include:
  • Utility bill/cable bill or work order issued by the utility or cable company
  • Bank statement
  • Pay stub
  • W-2 Form or Form 1099 issued the previous year
  • Valid Commercial Driver’s License
  • Any government issued documentation, such as:

  • Social Security check

  • Domestic relations (child support)

  • Department of Social services Food Stamps or Community Medical Assistance letter

  • Unemployment award

  • PPW verification letter or form verifying residence after a home visit

3.  Evidence of Birth (one or more of the following)

  • Birth certificate (preferred)

  • Passport/Visa

  • Physician’s certificate

  • Birth registration

  • Baptism certificate

  • Church certificate

  • Hospital certificate

  • Parent affidavit

4.  Medical Records (all 3 required)

  1. Immunization (shot) record (see Vaccination Requirements for Children Enrolled in Preschool Programs and in Schools - State of MD)
  2. Lead certificate for students entering Prek, K, or first grade
  3. Record of Physical Examination for students entering a Maryland public school for the first time. (within 9 months prior to entering or 6 months after entry)

Documents Needed Only if Applicable

  • Maryland Transfer Form SR7 if transferring from a Maryland Public School

  • Copy of last report card/high school transcript

  • Documentation of Special Services

  • Special Education – Current IEP, evaluations

  • 504 plan

  • ESOL services

  • Gifted/Talented