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Dr. Gayle Cicero, Director of Student Services
(410)222-5606 (FAX)

Patricia Howard, Student Services Director Secretary
410-222-5606 (FAX)

Dr. Kellie Anderson, Coordinator
Office of Psychological Services
(410)222-5606 (FAX)

Nick Silvestri, NCSP
Resource School  Psychologist
(410)222-5606 (FAX)

Sherri Watson
Secretary for Coordinator of        School Psychologists/Social Workers
410-222-5606 (FAX)

Lucia Martin, Coordinator of School Counseling
(410)222-5606 (FAX)

Susan Love, School Counseling Specialist
(410)222-5606 (FAX)

Shirley Jackson-Avery, School Counseling Specialist
410-222-5606 (FAX)

Juanita Myers
, Secretary for Coordinator of School Counseling
410-222-5606 (FAX)

Wendy Chermak
Section 504

410-626-0209 (FAX)

Debbie Wooleyhand
Coordinator of Pupil Personnel
410-222-5606 (FAX)

Jackie Neil
Homeless Education Liaison
410-518-9874 (FAX) or

Christina Erickson-Perdomo
Out of Area/Kinship/Hardship
410-222-5326 (FAX)

Deidre Brown
Secretary for Coordinator of Pupil Services
410-222-5606 (FAX)

Chelsea Gunther
Secretary for Pupil Services
410-222-5606 (FAX)

  Student Services

The Department of Student Services supports the AACPS goals of academic achievement, safe and orderly environment and community partnerships through the development, implementation and monitoring of programs and services that enhance educational opportunities for students.

Our goal is to provide students, parents, and AACPS staff with the resources to help students succeed.  Through the efforts of school counselors, psychologists, pupil personnel workers, special education teachers and teaching assistants as well as staff in the offices of student leadership and involvement, human relations, and home and hospital teaching, we strive to assist students achieve at the highest possible level and supports public schools in their efforts