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Contact Information:
Linda Donahue, Coordinator of Nonpublic and Interagency Placements
410 222-7420  

Ellen McGinn, CIEP Chairperson

Special Education

Nonpublic & Interagency Placements

AACPS Curriculum (Type II Teacher Access Only)


The Nonpublic and Interagency Placement Office is responsible for securing and supervising the special education programs of students with disabilities whose needs exceed the public school continuum or who are committed to another child serving agency/local school system. These students require placement in a nonpublic facility to meet their educational needs. The focus of the Nonpublic office is to provide intensive and close collaboration with MSDE approved nonpublic school teams, including the monitoring of Public/Private partnerships.

The collaborative planning and work of the Nonpublic staff includes ensuring legal compliance with the special education process and all federal mandated timelines, direct support and communication related to academic progress/performance, data-driven decision making with regard to discipline, transition and return to less restrictive educational settings. The Nonpublic staff works closely with other child serving agencies to develop comprehensive plans of care to support the children and families when an out of home placement is required.

The goal of the Central Individualed Educational Program is to support the special education needs of students who are most at risk of school failure due to a wide range of disabilities that manifest in the school environment.  Matching students with programs to address their needs may prevent school failure and promote return to a less restrictive setting within our public school continuum.           

Central IEP Referral

A Central Individualized Education Program (CIEP) is requested when a public school IEP team determines and documents that the services needed to implement a studentís IEP are unavailable in their school setting (exhausting wrap-around models of support) and the appropriate Division of Special Education Central Office Coordinator, indicates that no other Anne Arundel County Public School program can meet the studentís IEP needs.