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Contact Information:
Trish Gunshore - Coordinator of Special Services
410 787-8812
410 279-1072

Amy Guerke, Assistive Technology Specialist
410 787-2031

Caroline Pusey, SLP, CCC - Assistive Technology Resource
410 787-2031

Corrine Krampf, O.T. Ė Assistive Technology Resource
410 787-2031

Nancy Jones - Assistive Technology Technician for Augmentative Communication
410 787-2031

Jane Jarzynski - Assistive Technology Technician for Written Language
410 787-2031

Special Education

Assistive Technology Services

Overview of Services

Anne Arundel County Public Schools provides Assistive Technology Services for special education students as required by The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA, 2004, Part B, Section 612(1)) and as required by the 504 Rehabilitation Act 1978 to facilitate participation in the regular education program. Services begin with a review of the studentís needs to access the curriculum as documented in the Individual Education Plan and/or in the 504 plan. The school team may determine the need and provide access to technology if it is available in the school (i.e., calculators, pencil grips, portable word processors, computers, low tech augmentative communication devices/ switches). If the school team is uncertain about the need for assistive technology services or devices, assistance is available through the Central Office Resource for Assistive Technology.

Eligibility for Referral

Students who have an IEP or a 504 plan and are determined to need technology to meet their goals and objectives in the area of written language, augmentative communication and technology to access the curriculum are eligible. Students who have needs in the area of vision, reading, hearing, fine motor and gross motor have specific Resource Specialists to address those needs, although on-going collaboration and consultation is available among and between all Resource Specialists and the Assistive Technology Office in the areas of technology as needed.

Referral Process

The IEP team completes and forwards The Assistive Technology Screening Request and any supporting documents to the Central Office Resource for Assistive Technology. The 504 team notifies the Central Office Resource for Assistive Technology and the team is forwarded the form or obtains the form from the 504 documents.

An Assistive Technology Evaluation can be initiated as part of the initial evaluation or reevaluation process in which screening information is gathered at the student evaluation plan meeting and parent consent is provided for the evaluation. In this case, the Central Office Resource for Assistive Technology becomes a member of the multidisciplinary evaluation team.


If a need for assistive technology services or devices is identified, the need is addressed in the studentís IEP as part of the modifications/accommodations. Assistive technology services will be provided as a related service and will include the loan and tracking of equipment, consultation, training, repair costs and support as requested according to individual student need.