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Safe and Orderly Schools

At AACPS, we believe students deserves a safe, supportive, and orderly learning environment. AACPS  encourages appropriate behaviors by teaching, guiding, directing, and providing opportunities for new learning to occur. Opportunities are created for students to practice and succeed in making responsible and effective choices in order to reach their academic potential and contribute to the school community.

AACPS strives to assist students to achieve at the highest possible level by maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment in our schools. 


The Office of Safe and Orderly Schools provides and oversees the process for dealing with serious infractions as well as offering support programs for both students and parents in dealing with these issues.

Specifically, Safe and Orderly Schools provides assistance in:

  • Investigating all cases of serious student misbehavior in which the school principal is requesting an extended suspension or expulsion.

  • Assuring equitable and consistent enforcement of polices and regulations according to the school systemís Code of Student Conduct.

  • Providing consultative services to administrators, staff, parents, and Central Office personnel regarding matters of student safety and discipline.

  • Ensuring parent, student, and community collaboration on all department efforts to promote academic achievement and safe and orderly environments.

  • Facilitating Behavioral Support Programs for students and parents.

  • Assisting in the readmission process.

Safe and Orderly Schools works closely with the Division of Alternative Education and the Division of Student Services to meet mutual goals. Please peruse our site or contact us for additional information.