Nominating Commission of Anne Arundel County


In 2007, the Maryland General Assembly passed and Governor Martin O’Malley signed into law, H.B. 1114, which established The School Board Nominating Commission of Anne Arundel County (hereinafter “Commission”).  The Commission’s structure, function, mandate, and authorized powers are set forth in §3-110 of Title III of Education Article of the Maryland Chapter Laws. 

Generally, the Commission is comprised of eleven members five of whom are appointed by the Governor as representatives of the five Legislative Districts within Anne Arundel County (21, 30, 31, 32, and 33), and the remaining six members are appointed as follows: one from the County Executive; one from the Teacher’s Association of Anne Arundel County; one from the Annapolis and Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce; one from the Anne Arundel County Council of PTAs; one from the Anne Arundel County Community College Board of Trustees; and one from the Association of Education Leaders.

Commissioners serve four year terms and the Chairman of the Commission is named by the Governor and must be selected from one of the Legislative District appointments.  The Governor may reappoint the Chairman for a second term.

The Commission’s statutory mandate is to select nominees from whom the Governor must choose appointments to the Anne Arundel County Board of Education when such a vacancy of the Board occurs.  In addition, as part of the creation of the Commission, the enabling legislation created an additional seat on the Board of Education thus increasing the size of the Board from 8 members to 9.  The additional seat created will now enable citizens of Anne Arundel County that reside in Legislative Districts 21 and 32 to have their own separate Board representation.  Lastly, the enabling legislation also instituted a new requirement that Board members will be subject to a “retention vote” at the next General Election after their initial appointment. The retention vote will also apply to Board members who serve a second consecutive term.

Historically, members of the Anne Arundel County Board of Education, prior to their appointment by the Governor under state law, first engaged in a vetting process more formally known as the School Board Nominating Convention (hereinafter “Convention”)The Convention, which was created by county citizens in 1979 to help inform the Governor on Board of Education appointments, would meet annually in May and prior to its meeting would accept Board candidate applications and hold public hearings in and around the County.  At the Convention, analogous in many ways to a caucus, potential Board applicants and their supporters (also known as “delegates”) would gather to question applicants and demonstrate their support for or against particular Board candidates.  Ultimately, a “Convention Committee” would vote on the candidates presented and would submit the names of the top two vote getters from the Convention process to the Governor for possible appointment to the Board.

However, while the Convention process was designed to afford the citizens of Anne Arundel County an opportunity to play an active role in selecting candidates for the Board of Education, the process was ad-hoc in nature and did not bind the Governor.  In another words, the Governor was under no legal obligation to select for appointment to the Board any individual from the Convention process.  It is with this background, as well as additional mitigating factors, that the Commission finds its origins.


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