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  Reading/Language Arts Model for Grades 6-8
  86-minute Block for Standard and Advanced Classes

10 minutes
Grammar and usage drills and practice
Supports language development
45-50 minutes
Teacher Directed Reading with Writing LinkRow of Books
Concept, skill, and/or strategy instruction

Guided reading

Guided oral rereading

Constructing and extending meaning

Reader response

Reading writing connection

Develops understanding and application of effective comprehension strategies

Improves fluency and reading speed

4 days twice per marking periond

Writing Process Instruction
Writing process (organizing, drafting, revising, edting, publishing) Guided and independent writingQuill and Paper
Develops essential skills in written expression

Extends understanding and application of the writing process

10-15 minutes 3x per week
Word Development
Decoding/phonics as needed

High-frequency words

Structural analysis

Vocabulary building/word study

Develops vocabulary, spelling skills, and understanding of meaning and structure of words
10 minutes 2x per week
Read Aloud
Teacher modeling and "think alouds" of reading strategies
Iincreases student ability and desire to read

Builds listening comprehension

Supports vocabulary development which supports reading achievementStack of Books

Up to 15 minutes as time permits
Monitored Reading
Students read selected texts. Frequent progress conferences with the teacher to demonstrate fluency and understanding of text
Develops fluency and builds reading comprehension skills by providing practice at each student's independent level

Provides opportunity for individualized instruction and support from the teacher

Promotes reading for pleasure and information

Visit McDougal-Littell's Website for more information.