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Equity & Human Relations


Mediated Agreement Between AACPS & the County NAACP, et al

The Anne Arundel County Public Schools Equity & Human Relations (OEHR), established in 2006, is the liaison office between the district and the community, to facilitate partnerships and collaboration, provide information, recommendations, resources, professional development, and support within Anne Arundel County Public Schools and in the Anne Arundel County community to address education disparities.  The OEHR also monitors the progress on meeting the goals of the 2005 Office for Civil Rights Memorandum Of Agreement (OCR MOA) between Anne Arundel County Public Schools and the Anne Arundel County Branch of the NAACP, et al.  The OEHR is a resource for parents, schools and communities and assists schools and communities to create and/or develop partnerships programs and initiatives designed to increase support for student academic achievement and social skill development and promote positive relationships for public school students.

Accelerating Academic Achievement for African American Students

Our vision is that our school system and community embrace all children in developing, encouraging, and ensuring high levels of academic achievement, social skills, and school success, no exceptions!

2013-2014 OCR Report on Progress and Challenges


Building Capacity to Address Disparities in Education 

Areas Monitored Under the Office for Civil Rights Memorandum of Agreement (OCR MOA)

  • Academic Achievement

  • Maryland School Assessments

  • High School Assessments

  • Graduation Rates

  • Access and Success in Rigorous Instructional Opportunities

  • Special Education Identification and Placement

The following resource guide provides materials and suggested school-based interventions designed for school personnel to use in addressing factors linked with the disproportionate identification of African Americans, Hispanics, and speakers of other languages in special education.  The interventions contained in this resource guide may be generalized for use to all minority groups overrepresented in special education. 
  • Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

  • Referrals, Suspensions and Expulsions

  • Placement and Success in Alternative Programs

  • Biased Motivation Behaviors

  • Community Engagement

  • Soliciting Education Stakeholders to advocate for resources and programs

  • Engaging the Community in Supporting Student Achievement

Anne Arundel County Public Schools’ Role in Monitoring and Meeting the Terms of the Office of Civil Rights Memorandum of Agreement (OCR MOA) (ppt)

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