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Jodi Risse, Supervisor
Colleen Mallonee, Administrative Tech

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Food Services Accounting 410-897-5924

Food and Nutrition Services

AACPS recognizes this important part of our students well-being and is continuing to offer and promote good nutrition in its school breakfast and lunch programs, as well as many healthy food initiatives, like  Tasting of the Rainbow, School Gardens, Farm to School and about these innovative programs here

AACPS serves students and school staff over 6,000,000 meals annually in 119 schools.

School meals are not just food. They are an extension of a school's health and nutrition program and help children develop a taste for nutritious foods.  Children who are healthy and well nourished perform better in school, and we are proud to be an important part of this educational process.

We always seek suggestions from students and the community in our ongoing effort to provide the best service possible. If you have suggestions, contact Jodi Risse, Food and Nutrition Services Director, at 410-222-5900 or e-mail

AACPS receives no county funds to operate our lunch and breakfast programs.  The source of our revenue is 65% from sales, 33% from Federal reimbursements, and 2% from the State of Maryland.

Use our convenient online tool, MyPaymentsPlus, to prepay for student's meals
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AACPS Nutrition & Wellness Policies

AACPS has established several policies relating to student nutrition and wellness.