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About AACPS 

Support For Military Families

AACPS is among the 25 largest school systems with the most military-connected students in the United States and is home to approximately 8,000 military-connected children, most of whom are being educated in the AACPS school system. One of the key issues facing military families is frequent transitioning from one installation to the next. For these children to have an equal opportunity for academic success, it is important that our educators understand the unique situations experienced by the children of our service members.

AACPS implements the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, to which the State of Maryland is a signatory, to ensure that school personnel (particularly school counselors, high school registrars, and those responsible for registration at elementary and middle schools) are aware of, and able to respond appropriately to common concerns that affect military-connected children as a result of frequent moves and deployments.*


*Adapted from the AACPS Strategic Plan