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Leadership Succession Plan

Path to the Principalship

The development of highly effective instructional leaders at AACPS is imperative in order to ensure high academic achievement for our students in the future.

AACPS has in place plans and mandates such as the:

This will require strong, highly capable instructional leaders to assist students in reaching their highest potential. Information on the following pages serves as the AACPS Succession Plan and provides a comprehensive model for defining, developing, and supporting leaders for the future of Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

The AACPS Path to the Principalship below is intended to provide direction, support, and opportunities for individuals to grow from being highly effective teachers toward school based leadership.  This path provides both strongly suggested and required activities one would follow to qualify and be considered for a leadership position and/or principalship.

View the Path to the Principalship - Leadership Succession Plan

NOTE:  Administrator candidates may enter at any point on the path if requirements are met. Potential administrators may be identified by AACPS system leaders or self-identified. Self-identified potential administrators should inform their Principal and/or Director of School Performance.