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  Benefits - AACPS Supplemental Retirement Program


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Welcome to the AACPS Supplemental Retirement Program

Advantages of Participating in the Supplemental Retirement Program

In addition to your health and wellness benefits, AACPS offers eligible employees the ability to participate in a Supplemental Retirement Program (SRP).  The AACPS SRP is an important component of your overall benefits and compensation as an AACPS employee.  This program provides you the opportunity to save for retirement on a tax-favored basis. 

AACPS offers you access to two types of plans:  a 403(b) and 457(b) tax-deferred compensation plan. You may contribute to both plans up to IRS limits.   Below are some key factors to consider when deciding which plan is best for you:

  • Tax-deferred savings: Both of these plans permit you to save for retirement on
    a tax-deferred basis up to IRS limits through convenient payroll deductions.
  •  Key plan differences: Review the comparison chart (located under Step 2 EVALUATE –see below) to view key plan differences such as plan loan availability and other major plan features.

  •  How to decide: Deciding which plan to choose depends on several factors. Comparing each of the plans against your personal retirement goals will help you decide which plan to choose, and how much to contribute.  An investment provider representative can assist you with this. Because each individual’s circumstance is unique, we urge you to consult with an investment provider representative to evaluate your investment contributions and choices to ensure they are in line with your personal retirement goals.

Online Enrollment/Changes

You must enroll for a supplement retirement plan (403 (b)/457 (b)) by using Retirement Manager, the on-line enrollment/certificate tool provided for the Supplemental Retirement Program.  You will also make any contribution changes through Retirement Manager.  We encourage you to reach out to your provider representative(s) to discuss your enrollment and investment options.  As you know, Retirement Manager is already used for in-service exchanges/transfers certificates, and hardship and loan certificates.

Here are two important tools to use prior to enrolling or changing your contributions:

You may find the link to Retirement Manager on the “Elect” and “Engage” Tabs below.

Accessing your Supplemental Retirement Plans (403b/457b) After Your Resign/Retire

Please consult with your personal plan representatives on options available to you concerning your Supplemental Retirement Program.  Please be advised if you wish to initiate a withdrawal, rollover, or take a complete distribution from your plan, you are required to initiate a “Severance of Employment Certificate” with Retirement Manager.  You will need to provide this Certificate along with the required plan forms and provide these directly to your Supplemental Retirement Plan for processing.  No AACPS signature is requiredYou may access this Certificate from Retirement Manager via the AACPS website here.  For additional information, your may seek assistance from your plan representatives, contact Retirement Manager Customer Service (at VALIC) at 1-866-294-7950, or contact HR/Benefits at 410-222-5206/5221.

   “Severance of Employment Certificate” Instructions

Step 1

EDUCATE yourself on the importance of saving for your retirement, the 3 sources of retirement income, basic investment principals and the resources available to help you.

Step 2

EVALUATE each investment provider to determine how the options they offer fit into your overall investment strategy.

Step 3

enroll or change your contributions on Retirement Manager,  elect one or more investment provider(s) and choose your investment elections.


Step 4

in an ongoing review and management of your investments,  access your account online using  Retirement Manager and, when necessary, request a loan or hardship distribution.

In addition, resignations or retirees who wish to access their Supplemental Retirement Plan accounts must request a “Severance of Employment Certificate”.

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