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Retirement Planning - 3-5 years
Retirement programs for those retiring on or before February 1, 2017

In the fall and spring of each year, AACPS holds a program for employees who are considering retirement within the next five years. Maryland State Retirement Agency representatives provide an informative presentation about MSRA benefits and the AACPS Office of Retirement provides information about applying for retiree healthcare benefits.

The Maryland State Retirement Agency also offers free Pre-Retirement Seminars in the fall and spring intended for anyone who is within eight years of being able to retire.  The registration form can be found at (Participants > Members Section). 

 The most recent information can be found here

The Office of Human Resources/Retirement conducts comprehensive retirement presentations in two parts to assist employees enrolled in the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System in understanding retirement benefits and facilitating retirement. Employees may register for Information Sessions and Forms Workshops on ERO. For further information contact HR/Retirement at 410-222-5224 or e-mail

Human Resources Office of Retirement 

Social Security Administration

Maryland State Retirement Agency


To determine the date you are eligible to retire, refer to your Personal Statement of Benefits sent to you every fall by the MSRA. 

Calculations of your retirement benefit are not processed by the Human Resources Office of Retirement.  To initiate the retirement process, you must complete Form MSRA-9 – Application for an Estimate of Service Retirement Allowance.  This form may be downloaded from the MSRA website at, click on Member, Forms, To Print Forms, Active Members’ Forms.  When you submit this completed form to the MSRA, they will send you a formal estimate of your retirement allowances for all options (allow 6-12 weeks to receive your estimate).  This form is designed for planning purposes only.

Forms for retirement are available at the AACPS Forms Workshops. Forms may also be downloaded from the Maryland States Retirement website including: Form MSRA-13/23 Application for Service or Disability Retirement, Form MSRA-85 Electronic Fund Transfer Sign-Up, Form MSRA-766 Federal and Maryland State Tax Withholding Request, and Form MSRA-127 Reemployment After Retirement.

You have the option of meeting directly with a Maryland State Retirement Counselor if you want to determine your retirement options or if you have concerns about membership.  Call 1-800-492-5909 or 410-625-5555 to schedule an appointment.  You may go to, Member, Hot News, Regional Counseling Schedule to view counselor availability.  

If you move after retiring, please remember to call the MSRA and the AACPS Office of Retirement with address and phone number changes.  This is very important to ensure that there is no gap in your monthly benefit payment or insurance coverage.  

Please remember to notify the MSRA and the AACPS Office of Retirement if you have any lifestyle changes.  You have up to 31 days from the date of the event to change your benefits with Human Resources Office of Retirement.  Qualifying lifestyle changes include:  marriage, birth or adoption, divorce, change in spouse’s employment status/termination of healthcare benefits, death of a spouse or dependent, or loss of student status.  A new healthcare application is required when you have lifestyle changes, become Medicare Part B eligible, or change your address.