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  2012-2013 School Year - The Right Start Program

The Right Start New Teacher Support Program


Video camera Video clip - New Teacher Orientation

As a new teacher to Anne Arundel County Public Schools, we welcome you! 

We hope this information will assist you in making The Right Start in your new position at Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

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The Right Start New Teacher Support Program

Anne Arundel County Public Schools THE RIGHT START, New Teacher Support Program, assists teachers in their transition into the education profession.  Through a series of orientation sessions, seminars, symposiums, and mentor services, teachers new to the profession and to AACPS are supported in a variety of ways. New teachers have the opportunity to:

  • attend an intensive, three day New Teacher Orientation Program, focusing on AACPS Best Practices and on AACPS Policies, held at both a central location and at the work site;

  • learn about instruction, classroom management, etc from nationally recognized educators;

  • participate at seminars on topics such as Classroom Management, Cooperative Discipline, Cultural Proficiency and Instructional Strategies for Student Success;

  • collaborate with other teachers and teacher leaders at  Saturday Symposiums focusing on topics such as:

    • Eliminating the Achievement Gap,

    • Planning Instruction for a Variety of Learners,

    • Time Management,

    • Working with Special Needs Students, 

    • Using Data to Plan Instruction,

    • Brain-based Learning Strategies, etc. 

    • Becoming Culturally  Proficient

    • Skillful Teacher

As an integral component of this program, Right Start Advisors coach new teachers to become Reflective Practitioners, and Beginning Teacher Liaisons assist new teachers in understanding the culture of their particular schools.

The Right Start Program is an essential component of the very high teacher retention rate in Anne Arundel County. Additionally, The Right Start promotes Teacher Leadership and provides a variety of opportunities for new teachers to develop professionally and to become teacher leaders at their grade level, content level, or building level.

Achieve the RIGHT START on your journey toward becoming a Professional Educator


New Teacher Symposia

Fall: November 3, 2012

Spring: April 6. 2013

New Teacher Academies

Classoom Management/Mandatory Cultural

October 9, 11, 16, 23

October 25, 30

January 31, 2013

End of Year Reflection and Celebration
- June 13, 2013 @ Carver Staff Development - 4:30 to 6:30 pm