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Northeast High School

Northeast High School

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2015-16 MDS 3 Survey Results

The annual Maryland Safe and Supportive Schools Survey (MDS3) was conducted by AACPS last year. The survey is used to assess school climate, which is defined as: Student Engagement, Student Safety, and School Environment. A summary of students’ responses, from your child’s school (from the viewpoint of staff, students and parents), is now posted for your review. These results are used to by the school to develop plans which are designed to improve school climate and to measure growth. The results that are posted on this site provide a snapshot of critical items from the survey at your child’s school.

Wellness School of DistinctionWellness School of Distinction
Principal:Jason T. Williams
Assistant Principal(s):Holly Holman
Chessil Johnson
Jacqueline Jones
Clark Nesbitt

School Phone: 410-437-6400

Address:1121 Duvall Highway
Pasadena, MD 21122
Google Maps
Hours:07:17 AM - 2:05 PM
Regional Assistant Superintendent:Dawn Lucarelli
School Web SiteSchool Web Site
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