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Responsible, Safe Internet Use

AACPS blocks all access from school computers to known blogs, weblogs and other online diary sites. Additional sites are blocked as they are discovered.

AACPS has no control over the content that is posted on public web blogs.  We encourage the reporting of inappropriate content to the site owners. Most Web blogs have a designated area for reporting content issues.

Cyberspace can be an extremely resourceful and valuable educational tool, however, just as there are risks in everyday activities and interactions, dangers and risks are present on the internet.  While the “faceless” nature of online communications makes it easier and more convenient to communicate with others, it also affords the same ease to those wishing to exploit, slander, or obtain access to private information.  AACPS encourages parents and teachers to be aware and educate themselves regarding the online activity of students. 

Countless organizations exist who are dedicated to internet safety, etiquette, parent/teacher awareness, and
educating and empowering children and teens to make safe and responsible decisions online.   A few are listed here; we encourage you to do your own research for additional information. 

   I-Safe - a non-profit foundation dedicated to protecting the online experiences of youth everywhere

   BeSafeOnline - Advice and information about Internet safety for parents and teachers

   The Promise and Perils of blogging – A short, comprehensive article on online diaries and Web Blogs

   Safe-Kids – Internet Security

   Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use Effective strategies to assist young people

  GetNetWise – Making informed decisions about internet use

   NetSmart – Keeping kids and teens safer on the internet

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