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Press Releases
5/27/2006 Crofton Elementary School to Hold ‘Roof Top’ Serenade In Appreciation of Student/Community ACS Donations
5/25/2006 South River High School Raises Record Amount toward Hurricane Katrina Relief
5/25/2006 Anne Arundel County Public Schools to Join The Reginald F. Lewis Museum Educational Partnership
5/23/2006 Annapolis High School ‘Naptown Players’ to Make Debut During Tribute to Former Annapolis Mayor Pip Moyer
5/19/2006 North County High School Senior To Receive 2006 Presidential Scholars Award
5/17/2006 24 Students Participate In County-wide Math Competition and Know the Answer is Always 24
5/16/2006 Ruth Parker Eason School Challenge Day Recognizes All Students as Champions
5/15/2006 Committee Reviews Middle School Scheduling Options
5/09/2006 High School Scheduling Committee Concludes Scheduling Model Analysis
5/09/2006 Board of Education to Convene Meeting
5/03/2006 School Board Announces Choice for New Superintendent of Schools
5/02/2006 Central Middle School Science Teacher Wins Prestigious Presidential Award for Passionate, Professional Teaching
5/01/2006 Rippling Woods Elementary School Student Nationally Recognized For Perfect Scores in Continental Mathematics League Test
5/01/2006 Board of Education to Convene on May 1

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Primary Contact

     Bob Mosier
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Primary Contact

     Maneka S. Monk

Secondary Contact

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    Donna Hoyle
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Primary Contact

    Melvin Edwards
    Public Information Specialist

Secondary Contact

    Maneka S. Monk