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 FY2013 Operating/Capital Budgets

Latest News

Superintendent's Recommended FY2013 Operating/Capital Budget

1-25-12 Budget Workshop Presentation

12/21/11 Budget Address

Superintendent’s Recommended FY2013 Capital Budget and Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan (full version)

Previous Year's Budget

FY2012 budget
FY2011 budget
FY2010 budget 
FY2009 budget 

FY2008 budget 

The 3 Stages of Budget Approval
We strongly encourage county residents to participate in each of these stages!

The Board of Education reviews the budget as recommended by the Superintendent. The Board may make changes at this time.

The County Executive reviews the budget as recommended by the Board of Education. Again, the County Executive may make changes during this stage.

The County Executive’s proposed budget is reviewed by the County Council, who has the final authority to make changes. The County Council’s approved final budget is then provided to the Board of Education. 

AACPS Budget Process

Superintendent's Recommended 
FY2013 Budget
Board of Education's Recommended FY2013 Budget County Executive's Recommended FY2013 Budget
Reviewed and Approved by the Anne Arundel County Board of Education Reviewed and Approved by the County Executive Reviewed and Approved by the County Council

Dec 2011

Jan 2012 Feb 2012

Mar 2012

Apr-May 2012

 June 2012

Superintendent submits recommended FY13 Operating & Capital Budgets to the Board of Education 

Public Hearings 

Board of Education Workshop

Board of Education budget approval

Board of Education approves Operating & Capital Budgets forwarded to the County Executive

County Executive’s recommended Operating & Capital Budgets forwarded to County Council

County Council holds Public hearings

County Council's deadline to approve final budget

What happens: What happens: What happens:

The Board of Education may approve the Superintendent’s recommended budget as it stands, reduce or expand it.




The Board of Education must then approve a final budget by June 30.

 During March and April, the County Executive reviews the recommended budget submitted by the Board of Education. He may approve the budget as it stands, reduce it, or shift funds from one budget item to another.  The County Council has 45 days to review the County Executive’s proposed budget. The Council may approve the budget as it stands, reduce it or restore funds cut by the County Executive. 

In May, the County Council will pass the budget.
How you Can Participate: How you Can Participate: How you Can Participate:
 The public is invited to voice their comments about the proposed budget directly to the Board of Education at two public hearings. County residents are also invited to attend the Board of Education workshop.

No public testimony is taken at the workshop. It's an opportunity to hear staff and Board members discuss issues affecting the budget. 

There are no public discussions with the County Executive at the time, however, county residents are encouraged to communicate their views to the County Executive via phone, letter or email during this time.

The County Council will schedule two public hearings to hear residents’ comments on the proposed budget.