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Student Safety Hotline

Breaking the Code of Silence

The Office of School Security in conjunction with Student Services has initiated a program to prevent bullying in the public schools.  The purpose is to educate students on what bullying is and to encourage them to speak out in an effort prevent such activity in the school system.  

Classroom education along with the existing
tudent Safety Hotline provides a means for students to communicate their observations and concerns anonymously without fear of retribution.  

Students are encouraged to utilize the
Hotline whenever they see activities or hear information that could endanger them, their fellow students or teachers.

Student Safety Hotline - pictures of students


A 24 Hour Anonymous Reporting Hotline

If you see it
If you
hear it
Have the
And pick up the phone and call

Anne Arundel County Public Schools has implemented the Student Safety Hotline.  This program has been developed to provide students with an anonymous method for sharing important information with school staff.  While we continue to encourage students to share knowledge of potentially dangerous actions with parents or school staff members, we believe this hotline will offer students another confidential method for sharing concerns. This Student Safety Hotline is anonymous and toll-free, and you need not give your name.   However, it gives you the ability to report a circumstance that threatens the safety, security, and well being of yourself or others.