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  MSDE Accredited Correspondence Schools

Griggs International Academy (K-12)
(Formerly Home Study International)
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring,  MD   20904
(301) 680-6570


The Calvert School, Inc. (K-8)
10713 Gilroy Rd.   Suite B
Hunt Valley,  MD   21031


NOTE:   If you choose either of these correspondence schools, you will operate under the provisions of paragraph 4b of the Home School ‘Notification’ form. (Parents using the above correspondence schools will not need to submit a portfolio to verify a home school program unless you do not purchase the Advisory Teacher Service for all seven required subject areas.)


All other correspondence schools or online schools (private correspondence schools / online distance high schools) are not recognized as approved agencies to supervise home school programs by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

All nonpublic entities that have elected to supervise home school are required to register with the Maryland State Department of Education. Registration does not mean that the program has been approved by the State Department of Education. Registration means that the nonpublic entity or institution has certified that it will comply with the supervisory requirements of the home school regulations. (COMAR 13A.10.01)

When parents select a home school program or correspondence school that is not registered with MSDE, supervision of the home schooling must be provided by the local school system or by one of the nonpublic church entities that has been registered.

Parents electing to use the AACPS Home School Office to supervise their home school program will be expected to complete two home school program reviews during the year. A high school student must submit portfolio evidence of study in 7 (seven) subject areas each semester.

Often a student under one of the out-of-state correspondence schools is studying in four subject areas. The student, therefore, must design personal study in three remaining areas (electives) which might address fine arts, basic technology, health, or physical education in fulfillment of state requirements

A high school student on home schooling does not receive a diploma unless he or she elects to take the GED (General Education Degree) exam offered by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Transfer Information:

Although these two Correspondence Schools are approved to supervise home school programs, students transferring to an Anne Arundel County Public High School are not guaranteed course credit upon transfer. A transfer program evaluation will be conducted to evaluate course curriculum and content. Assessments for credit (TFC) may be required to earn course credit for each course

Additional Correspondence, Online or Distance Learning Resources:

Keystone Nat’l HS


K – 12 Curriculum

Laurel Springs Distance Learning

North Dakota Distance Learning


Seton Home Study

Oak Meadow School