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About the HSAs - from the MD State Dept of Education
You Can Go! - for Students Who Don't Think College is an Option
Advice for Undocumented Students from the College Board

AACPS College and Career Readiness

The Great 8
Essential Guideposts for the Journey to Success


Guidepost 1 - Reading
Read at or above grade level by the end of grade 2
2 Guidepost 2 - Reading/ Math
Perform at the Advanced Level on MSA in reading and math in grades 3-8
3 Guidepost 3 - Complete STEM 8 or Algebra 1 by the End of Grade 8  Complete STEM 8 or Algebra 1 by the end of grade 8
4 Guidepost 4 - World/ Classical Languages  
Complete a Level 1 World and Classical Language by the end of grade 8
5 Guidepost 5 - Algebra II
Complete Algebra II by end of grade 10 or 11
6 Guidepost 6 - Biology  Complete Biology by the end of grade 9
7 Guidepost 7 - High School Study
Complete a rigorous course of high school study
8 Guidepost 8-Rigorous Standardized Testing  Demonstrate readiness for college and career by scoring well on a recognized standardized test (e.g. PSAT, SAT, ACT, Maryland Industry Certification)

Will Your Child Be Ready for College and/or a Career?  

Today, most jobs require more than a high school diploma and many workforce training/vocational programs require the same readiness skills as those required for success in college.  In fact, for students to be ultimately successful in the workplace, knowing how to think critically, solve problems and get along with others are as important as knowing how to read, write, and calculate. 

The Great Eight: Essential Guideposts for the Journey to Greatness was developed as a resource for parents in making decisions along the pathway from grades K-12.  Each guidepost is aligned to the Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) strategic plan and promotes the development of a strong foundation for student success in college or in a vocational career.  

Since the guideposts are more strenuous than the requirements for graduation from high school, starting early allows parents to plan for the numerous pathways to graduation while accommodating the various learning styles of individual students.  Therefore, itís never too late to reach one of the Great 8!