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   The Gifted/Talented program...Serving more children more often

Resources for Parents


Gifted and Talented Association of Anne Arundel County

This organization offers valuable information and updates about available opportunities so that parents, educators, and supporters can become advocates at their children’s schools. For additional information contact

NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children)

Composed of parents, educators, and other professional and community leaders, this group addresses the unique needs of children with demonstrated gifts and talents as well as those who have not been identified but who might benefit from opportunities to develop their potential.  For additional information, call 202-785-4268 or go to

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY)

CTY seeks students of the highest academic ability through its talent search and offers them challenging educational opportunities that develop the intellect, encourage achievement, and nurture social development. Students in grades two through eight who score in the 95th percentile on standardized tests normally taken in school are invited to participate in the CTY’s talent search.  For a fee, additional testing is conducted and qualifying students (through age 17) may choose to enroll in CTY programs. Additionally, CTY conducts research and evaluation studies that advance knowledge about gifted education; develops best practices in educating highly able children; and disseminates its findings to parents, the education community, and policymakers. For further information call 410-735-4100 or access online

National Society for the Gifted and Talented 

The National Society for the Gifted and Talented (NSGT) is a not-for-profit foundation created to honor and encourage gifted and talented children and youth. It is committed to acknowledging and supporting the needs of G/T children and youth by providing recognition of their significant academic and artistic accomplishments and access to educational resources and advanced learning opportunities directly related to their interest and talent areas.

For information, contact 800-572-6748 or

Maryland State Department of Education...Achievement Matters Most

The Maryland State Department of Education maintains an Office of Gifted and Talented Programs directed by Dr. Jeanne Paynter, (410-767-0363). The MSDE G/T web page, , includes COMAR regulations addressing gifted education in the state of Maryland.

Center for Gifted Education...The College of William and Mary

The Center for Gifted Education at The College of William and Mary is one of the most highly respected institutions in the world serving gifted students, their parents and their educators. Founded in 1988 under the direction of Joyce Van Tassel-Baska, the Center seeks to increase understanding of the needs of gifted and talented learners and provide services and curricular materials to meet these needs.

For more information:
Phone: 757-221-2362
Fax: 757-221-2184

Mailing Address:    Center for Gifted Education
                            College of William and Mary
                            P.O. Box 8795
                            Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795

College Board

The College Board conducts the PSAT and SAT college entrance examinations, and is also responsible for Advanced Placement course monitoring and testing for college credit. Online, parents may get information about planning for college, paying for college, and finding scholarships. SAT test dates, registration deadlines, and fees are available well in advance. All students in AACPS take the PSAT and additional information about those test results is available online.

Another college entrance exam is the ACT. Most colleges accept either SAT or ACT scores for entrance considerations. The ACT is a subject-based test and is used by some colleges and universities for placement decisions.

Links for Parents: