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Advanced Programs Available in High School

High school students have the opportunity to increase the rigor of their curriculum by enrolling in Honors level and Advanced Placement classes.

Honors Program

Honors courses present content at a higher level, allowing students to develop skills, concepts, and products.  Students in honors classes:

  • explore curricular concepts and principles in greater depth and complexity

  • investigate the interelationships of concepts and principles within and among  content areas

  • refine their problem-solving skills, methods of inquiry, decision-making and creative thinking 

  • exhibit a a high degree of creativity by completing comprehensive research reports, designing experimental studies, composing original poems or stories, and solving novel and complex problems 

Students taking honors courses receive a .5 weighted grade in determining their GPA (Grade Point Average).

Advanced Placement

Anne Arundel County Public Schools prides itself in offering an extensive selection of AP courses in all twelve high schools. Furthermore, all twelve high schools participate in a rigorous, Advanced Placement Certified High School program.

Final course grades earned in AP courses receive +1.0 weight in calculating GPAs.

  • Earn a minimum of five Advanced Placement credits

  • Earn Advanced Placement credits in four of the five domains:

    • Languages (English and Foreign Language)

    • Social Studies

    • Mathematics

    • Natural Sciences

    • Computer Science and Fine Arts

  • Earn a 3.0 non-weighted GPA in Advanced Placement Courses completed

  • Sit for a minimum of five Advanced Placement exams

PSAT/SAT Preparation

All ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students in Anne Arundel County Public School students take the PSAT. Results help to identify student readiness for Advanced Placement courses, as well as delineate academic strengths and weaknesses. Students may elect to enroll in a one-semester course designed to prepare students for the newly revised math, critical reading, and writing components of the SAT.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program and Extended Learning Program (ELP)

The Office of International Baccalaureate Studies, coordinated by Ms. Christine Amiss, offers a unique opportunity for advanced students. For complete information, go to International Baccalaureate Program/Extended Learning Program  (ELP) or contact Ms. Amiss directly, 410-222-5415,

Adjunct Programs for High School Students

United States Naval Academy (USNA) Advanced Studies Program

The Advanced Study Program is sponsored and funded by the Board of Education through the Gifted/Talented/Advanced Programs Office. Public school students may attend courses during the fall and spring semesters of the school year. During a special summer session, the program is also open to non-public schools. The program consists of advanced studies in mathematics, computer applications, humanities, and the sciences for grades 6-12.

Students are nominated by their schoolís content teachers and guidance counselors. In addition, students must be presently enrolled in the grade range of 6-12.

The purposes of this program are to:

  • extend the mathematics, humanities, computer science and science education of gifted and talented students;

  • expose students to interesting and challenging topics that, while outside the standard school curricula, are accessible to those with high ability and motivation;

  • encourage the development of reasoning processes necessary in mathematics, science, and humanities;

  • provide the opportunity for students to study in the environment of an institution of higher education or research;

Mentorship/Internship Program

In cooperation with institutions and agencies including the Historic Annapolis Foundation, United States Naval Academy, Maryland State Law Library, and Constellation Generation Group, LLC, the Gifted/Talented/Advanced Programs Office, offers a series of summer internship opportunities to high school students currently enrolled in grades 10 and 11.  Students are selected for participation based on academic preparation, teacher recommendation, and personal interviews with prospective mentors.  Upon completion of 66 hours of service, the studentís transcript will reflect Ĺ alternative elective credit.  Applications are available from your schoolís guidance office.  For further information, contact Don Counts, 410-570-8062,

Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts Tuition Waiver Program

Maryland Hall in Annapolis offers after-school and Saturday courses in Creative Arts.  Twenty percent of the enrollment in each class is provided tuition-free to randomly selected applicants from Anne Arundel County Public Schools.  Sculpting, painting, jewelry design, classical ballet and creative acting are just some of the classes offered three times per year.  For further information contact 410-263-5544 ext. 20, or access

Maryland Summer Centers

The Maryland Summer Centers program, in partnership with public and nonpublic agencies, provides Marylandís diverse gifted and talented student population with advanced, rigorous, experiential learning opportunities that nurture these studentsí talents and abilities within unique learning environments.  One-three weeks in durations, these residential and non-residential summer courses cover a wide range of topics from maritime studies to law and government, Chinese studies to robot design.  For further information call 410-767-0821 or log on to