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Making a Difference Every Day

Our employees love working for Anne Arundel County Public Schools and are given the tools and support to succeed both in the classroom and beyond!

“I feel privileged to work in Anne Arundel County. Not only have I been presented with extensive, relevant, and continuous professional development, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with diverse groups and organizations to consider various ways in which my personal and professional experiences and contributions can impact the lives of our students and teachers. The opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and the support I have received from my colleagues has enabled me to broaden my managerial skills while engaging in lifelong learning. Working in Anne Arundel County Public Schools has been the opportunity of a lifetime!”

Jennifer Hernandez, Coordinator
World & Classical Language

“I have so much support within this school system. From teachers and principals who are now like extended family, to the Area Directors, the Chief School Performance Officer and the Superintendent himself. I feel like a valuable part of this organization, and there are several people that I have to thank for being a mentor to me along the way. It is a great feeling to work in a place where you are both trusted to do what’s best for schools and supported in the decisions that you make. There is truly a sense of teamwork within Anne Arundel County Public Schools. All departments work toward the same goal, to do what’s best for students.”

Dana Denny, Coordinator
Title I/AAA Programs

"I am so grateful that my career has begun in Anne Arundel County. As a second year teacher, AACPS has been extremely supportive and has offered me valuable mentoring and professional development opportunities. In addition to the support provided by the RSA program, the county has filled their schools with knowledgeable and energetic teachers who care about students and learning. Anywhere you look in this county, you'll find people who care about students and who want to help you grow as a teacher."

Michelle Adshade-Williams, Language Arts Teacher
Bates Middle School

“Having worked in multiple school districts around the country, I have found AACPS to be an exceptional employer. The leadership and staff of this phenomenal school district support and nurture me as I strive to grow professionally and personally. I have never worked with and for so many dynamic individuals who have believed in my work as much as (and in some cases even more than) I do myself. I often recommend this school district as a great place to work.”

Rotunda L. Floyd-Cooper, Assistant Principal
Mac Arthur Middle School

“One of the things that attracted me to Anne Arundel County Public Schools is its professional development program which offers a wide variety of trainings and workshops to teachers, counselors, and staff. Taking advantage of these opportunities has helped to make me a stronger and more confident leader in my school and community. AACPS recognizes the importance of professional development and offers a program that is second to none. I am proud to work for a school system which is truly invested in building the capacity of its employees and helping them become high quality educators and instructional leaders.”

Shirley Avery-Jackson, Professional School Counselor
Bates Middle School

"As a teacher, the first thing kids learn about you is whether you truly care or not. I'm proud to be part of a learning community that truly cares and is focused on building relevance, rigor and relationships with students, teachers and the community."

Michael Bell, Art Teacher
Southern Middle School
2004-2005 AACPS Teacher of the Year