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Registration for the 2017-2018 school year begins: February 8, 2017




Enrolling at AACPS


A half-day or full-day pre-kindergarten program for four years olds is offered in some elementary schools. A non-mandated program funded by the state, pre-kindergarten opportunities are offered based on the economic need of the student and other Maryland State Department of Education criteria.

All four year olds are eligible to apply for the program. However, enrollment is limited because of funding, and some schools may have waiting lists.

The pre-kindergarten program is strictly for youngsters who turn four by September 1. Public pre-kindergarten may not be used as an alternative to kindergarten.

For further information, please call the Early Childhood Office at 410-222-5441.

Pre-Kindergarten Application Information

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Parents are informed of student achievement/growth during the fall and spring parent/teacher conferences. Progress Reports indicate "consistently demonstrating", "progressing, and "needs development" for specific skills in listening/speaking, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, technology, social emotional growth, and psycho-motor development.

Pre-Kindergarten Facts

·         Pre-kindergarten is a 5-day a week program. To have a successful pre-kindergarten experience, children, need to attend school on a regular basis so that there is continuity. They also need to be self-sufficient in the use of the bathroom. The teacher and the assistant are not responsible for helping children in the bathroom.  Please purchase clothing that your child can manage independently. For Toilet training information click here.

·         The calendar for pre-kindergarten follows the school calendar for Anne Arundel County Public Schools for vacations, early dismissals and conferences. The school calendar is available on AACPS home page.

·         There will be an average of 20 children in each class. The ratio of adults to children is 2 adults to 20 children. There will be a teacher and an instructional assistant in each class.

·         The structure of the pre-kindergarten schedule does not include naptime. Since the day is very structured, is important that children get a good night’s sleep and arrive on time.  A "quiet learning time" is scheduled for full day students.  During this time, children refresh themselves for the afternoon activities.


·         The pre-kindergarten school year begins with parent/teacher conferences in August followed by staggered opening days.  Notification of these dates and times will be mailed to registered students during the summer.  The first day for all students is on the AACPS school calendar.

·         Parent/teacher conferences will also be held in November and May for all students and in January as needed.

Bus Information

·         Bus routes are used to determine assignments to morning or afternoon sessions. If you are providing transportation there may be some flexibility in assigning a child to morning or afternoon sessions.

·         If your child is a bus rider you should receive a nametag for your child at the parent/teacher conference. Make sure that his/her bus number and bus stop are clearly written. For your child’s safety, it is important that he/she wear the tag. This helps the bus driver make certain that your child reaches the correct stop. We ask that the parent arrange for someone to meet the student at the bus stop each day. Bus stop information will be published in the local paper prior to the opening of school or you may call your home school for clarification.

Meals in School

Half day pre-kindergarten may have a scheduled time for snack.  Schools handle the snack program in a variety of ways.  Some schools collect a fee and provide a daily snack for the entire class.  Other schools have the children bring a snack from home. (Choose packaging that your child can open/close himself.)  The teacher will inform you about snack prior to the opening of school.  

·         An optional breakfast program is available through the cafeteria. The school will inform you of the policy and procedures for obtaining breakfast.  

·         Full day pre-kindergarten students will have lunch at school.  If your child will be buying lunch, you may wish to preview the menu choices with him/her. (Keeping a menu on the refrigerator may be useful.)