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Partnership Benefits

Benefits to Organizations

  • Improve and reinforce students’ knowledge and skill development.
  • Identify and nurture high quality talent early, leading to a highly motivated, entry-level workforce for Anne Arundel County.
  • Interact with students and teachers to build their understanding of the expectations of the business world.
  • Partner with the educational community to gain a realistic, current view of public education.
  • Partner with a school to improve the organization’s image and visibility within the community.
  • Gain opportunities to lead, strengthen and transform Anne Arundel County.
  • Reach new customers by participating in the Employee Discount Program.
  • Receive tax deductions for donations when applicable.
  • Gain personal satisfaction by interacting with students and teachers.

Benefits to Schools

  • Students improve their knowledge about and build their skills for the business world.
  • Students and teachers learn more about current workforce expectations.
  • Interactions with the business community and real-life work experiences develop highly motivated students.
  • Learning in the classroom becomes more relevant for students.
  • Expands students’ knowledge about the opportunities that are available when they enter the world of work.
  • Connects students to future employers in Anne Arundel County.
  • Partnering with the community creates positive public relations for the school system.

Benefits to Anne Arundel County

An excellent public education system leads to higher standards of living and improves the quality of life in Anne Arundel County.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with AACPS, contact the Development Office at 410-222-5370 or

Partnering with AACPS

There are many partnership opportunities for business and community organizations to partner with AACPS. Provide Human Resources Volunteer time in a school or program on a one-time or ongoing basis. Opportunities include:

  • Guest speaker: Share your expertise with students in the classroom.
  • Participate in school-based career days.
  • Participate in the system-wide Career Expo, sponsored by the 21st Century Education Foundation. More information is online at
  • Contribute your expertise to the development of curriculum.
  • Tutor students in basic skills, such as reading, mathematics, or study skills.
  • Mentor a student.
  • Serve as a judge for Science and History Fairs.
  • Serve on a school Business Advisory Board.
  • Sponsor internships.
  • Provide job-shadowing opportunities for students and/or teachers.
  • Partner with the Office of School and Family Partnerships to provide support to families. More information is online at
  • Support the Magnet and Signature programs through the Office of Advanced Studies and Programs. More information about these programs is online at
  • Serve as an interviewer during Mock Interviews.
  • Join the PTA and participate in their activities. More information about PTA programs is online at

Provide In-Kind Donations

  • Donate supplies, equipment and instruments that are compatible with AACPS standards.
  • Donate to back-to-school drives for schools.
  • Provide coupons, certificates and incentives for students.
  • Provide meeting spaces for teachers and school groups.
  • Donate books for a school media center.
  • Donate food for parent/school meetings in a Title I/low-income school.
  •  Sponsor a student’s ‘weekend backpack’, which is filled with food for low-income students.
  • Provide Financial Resources. Financial support is donated through the 21st Century Education Foundation, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the school system by matching corporate and community resources to the school system. More information about the Foundation is online at
  • Provide gift cards to local stores for necessities for homeless students.
  • Sponsor Events, such as science competitions, the Business Leadership Breakfast with the Superintendent, the Anne Arundel County Spelling Bee in February, or the Career Exploration in March.
  • Contribute to a scholarship fund.
  • Sponsor a seat for a teacher in the Leadership Development Institute, a leadership training program specifically designed to build leadership skills of AACPS employees throughout the school system.
  • Contribute to a specific activity or program at a school.
  • Become a major sponsor of the 21st Century Education Foundation. If you are interested in exploring a partnership with AACPS, contact the Development Office at 410-222-5370 or  

Building a Successful Partnership

Choose the best partner match.

Discuss the unmet needs of the school. Choose a school/partner that will help to fill the need. Consider the location and existing connections between the organization and the school (e.g. personal, employee, past partnerships). Align the school needs with the expertise of the partner.


Brainstorm with your partner and draft a written description of the partnership. Focus on how the partnership addresses the goals of the school system and enhances academic achievement. Identify specific activities and responsibilities of each partner. Determine how the partnership addresses the goals of both the partner and the school. Discuss the benefits of the partnership to both the partner and the school. Ensure that the business partner has one contact person in the school or office who will be available to answer questions and troubleshoot.


Successful partnerships are the result of two-way, on-going communication. Add your partner to your newsletter list. Let them know about upcoming events. Share good outcomes of the partnership.


Arrange to meet regularly (once a month, once every quarter, once at year) to review the partnership and to make revisions. Establish easy-to-measure criteria for measuring success. Allow for flexibility. Be willing to stop the partnership if it isn’t fulfilling expectations.


Acknowledge the accomplishments of the partnership. Recognize partners in your newsletter, on signage, on outdoor signage, or through the media. Share the successes as often as you can. Thank your partners.

Questions? Contact the AACPS Development Office at 410-222-5370 or  

Finding Additional Partnership Resources