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Chesapeake Regional Association of Student Councils (CRASC)

Some people make things happen. 
Some people watch things happen. 
Some people wonder, what happened?
If you want to make things happen and not just watch it or stand and wonder, then get involved! 

CRASC - What is it?

CRASC, the Chesapeake Regional Association of Student Councils, is a county-wide representative organization of secondary school student government associations which serves as a forum where students can speak out and help shape the direction that the educational system will take. CRASC is involved in everything from school discipline procedures to course design and development of curricular programs in your school. As a sounding board for students' feelings and ideas, CRASC is structured to take these thoughts and present them to the proper policy-making body, whether it be the Board of Education, County Government or the State Legislature.

Don't just complain about a problem; become involved in finding a solution!

The advisor to
CRASC is the
Administrator of Student Leadership and Involvement for Anne Arundel County Public Schools. The Student Leadership & Involvement Office provides leadership training and opportunities for you to use your skills.

CRASC Services

  • Student recognition and visibility

  • Help in organizing or re-organizing your student government or council 

  • Monthly General Assemblies with representatives from all Anne Arundel County secondary schools 

  • Residential county-wide and day-school based leadership conferences 

  • Student Leadership Workshops

  • Representation to the Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC), and the National Association of Student Councils (NASC) 

  • CRASC elects the Student on the Board of Education, the only full voting student member in the nation 

  • Student representation on advisory, calendar, and study committees to the Board of Education 

  • Representation at Anne Arundel County Board of Education meetings through the Educational Liaison Committee (ELC) 

  • Legislative lobbying on youth and educationally-related issues through the Legislative Liaison Committee (LLC) 

  • Student involvement in community action groups through the Environmental and Community Action Committee (ECAC) 

  • CRASC Connection Newsletter 

  • Conventions and conferences concerning youth and educationally related matters 

  • Student Leadership Workshops

    • World of the Representative

    • Group Functioning

    • Parliamentary Procedure

    • Communication Skills

    • Organizational Skills

    • Stress Management

    • Project Planning

    • Constitutional Revision

    • Legislative Lobbying

    • Effective Meetings

For more information on CRASC, call the Student Leadership Office at 410-222-5405 or e-mail the CRASC Advisor Heather Jenkins, Administrator of Student Leadership and Involvement/CRASC Advisor, e-mail