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Central Middle School Student Honored by Governor for Volunteerism

Nomination essay written by one of Marinzel’s neighbors 

I would like to nominate Victoria Marinzel of Davidsonville, Maryland as a deserving nominee for the Compassionate Marylander award.  Victoria is thirteen years old and since I have known her she has given back to her community.  Victoria knows and values giving back to her neighbors.  While most kids are caught up in their lives, be it social or sports, Vicky is always championing for others.  Each year at Halloween, instead of collecting candy for herself, she collects money from her neighbors for either UNICEF or another worthwhile cause.  Currently, Victoria is trying to raise money for ALS.  She saw a need for a friend and neighbor suffering from this disease and decided to try to help raise money and awareness for the cause.  She is selling bracelets and has joined a group dedicated to raising money for research.  Vicky is also working with her family to assist their friend and neighbor with meals and childcare while they work through this debilitating illness.  I am nominating her without her knowledge because I believe that she would not want the attention focused on herself.  

Victoria has such a heart for others; people, animals, her environment-she truly cares.  I am willing to bet that there are other things she is involved in and passionate about that I don’t know.  I believe that she should be commended for her community spirit and dedication to improving other’s lives.  She is a wonderful example to others, especially others her age.  It is so heart-warming to see such unselfishness at a young age.  During these especially trying economic times it is so encouraging to see our next generation taking such an interest in helping those less fortunate.  At a time in their lives when most kids are thinking it is all about “me”, Victoria embodies the true selfless community spirit that other parents only hope their children will aspire to. 

Thank you for considering Victoria.  She truly is a Compassionate Marylander.