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Performing & Visual Arts Magnet

PVA News! 


 !!!Call for Artists!!!

The Performing and Visual Arts Magnet Program of Anne Arundel County Public Schools is committed to creating partnerships with local artists and arts organizations who are interested in teaching, performing, coaching and directing in the extended day programs for middle and high school level arts instruction.  We are looking for candidates who will enthusiastically share their creativity, enthusiasm and inspiration! 

Please read the program descriptions below and submit the Session Proposal to the appropriate Events and Extended Day Teacher Specialist.  (See link to Session Proposal Forms next to descriptions.)


Middle School – Performance Plus – (Compensation $600.00 per session)

Bates Middle School Session Proposal Form

Brooklyn Park Middle School  Session Proposal Form

Performance Plus Objectives:

·         Teach a 1-hour class to 15-25 middle school students, on the scheduled session dates

·         Offer rigorous and relevant arts programming that inspires excitement, engagement and independence

·         Provides instruction that is planned, progressive and clearly scheduled with well-defined deadlines and expectations

·         Aligns the structure of Performance Plus with PVA and Common Core philosophies

·         Allows students to bring what they know and enhance that knowledge

·         Creates research opportunities for students to deepen artistic and global understandings

Performance Plus by Grade:

6th Grade:  Expansion/Enrichment of knowledge of other art forms

·         Students study topics of instruction other than their daytime arts study that are activity or product-oriented

o    Examples of possible sessions:  Steel Drum/African Drumming, Piano Lab, Acting Tools, Figure Drawing,  Class Voice, Poetry, Mosaic, Dance

7th Grade:  Enhancement of arts area of study

·         Students self-select topics of instruction that enhance their daytime arts study that are activity or product-oriented

o    Examples of possible sessions:  Stage a play, set a piece of global choreography, rehearse and perform global music, work with a unique visual arts medium

8th Grade:  Create new work through collaboration across primes

·         Multiple teachers work on the same to facilitate total student-directed experience of a concept-based piece with a social issue overlay

o    Examples of potential projects:  Renaissance Fair, Mural Project , Operetta Performance, Poetry/ Vocal/Music Collaboration, Special Instrumental Concert, Theatre Piece, Musical Theatre Piece, Film (Photo Essay of PVA), Computer Graphics (PVA Website Update and Maintenance),

o    Choice:  Students select area of contribution from a developed list (i.e. – set design, costume creation, marketing, performance, front-of-house, sculpture)

·         Students may assume many different roles in a Capstone project such as:

o    Documentarian (Video, Photographs), Business Management  (Press Releases, Posters, Budget, Ticket Sales, Performance/Exhibit Programs, Librarian), Creative Team (Assistant Director, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Dance Captain, Research Assistant/Dramaturge, Sound Research/Production, Stage Crew, Set Design, Scenic Painting, Digital Design, Property Collection/Creation)


High School – 21st Century Design 2/Junior Seminar – Compensation Negotiable (21st Century Design and Junior Seminar Proposal form)


21st Century Design 2 (10th Grade) and Junior Seminar (11th Grade) are completely project-driven, offering students  opportunities in design, creation, rehearsal, and/or studio time all leading to a complete student-produced, artist facilitated event. Instruction occurs as guest artists direct, choreograph, design, and/or develop works with students in a variety of roles. Through experiential learning, students will assimilate each step in the development of a project while documenting their own journey in creating art. A menu of semester-long events will be provided to students in August. The menu will include full descriptions of each project, along with a staffing list of possible student roles (i.e. – performer, set designer, gallery manager, publicist). Performers may double as understudies and Design and Management staffing. Students, after reviewing the menu of possible options, will communicate preliminary requests for roles for the year. An audition or portfolio review will be conducted at the beginning of each semester to finalize the selections and students and parents must sign a contractual agreement outlining the commitment. Evening and weekend hours may be required for any project. There are opportunities for approximately 130 students each semester.

o    Past Projects included:

o    ELECTRA IN THE FOREST, a multi-disciplinary approach to the Greek tragedy

o    CHASING ICE, a sculptural response to a documentary about global warming

o    AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’, a fully-staged production using students in all roles of the process

o    21, a student created and produced gallery exhibition and performance art presentation


High School – Extended Day Guest Artists – Compensation Negotiable (Click here for: Extended Day Guest Artists Proposal) Form)

Arts-specific classes in each discipline (acting, creative writing, dance, film, guitar, instrumental music, strings, theatre design and production, visual arts) are offered by the PVA program on a semester-long schedule.  These classes enhance the daytime learning of each arts student so that immediate connections may be made with professional artists.


High School – Thursday Master Class Series – Compensation Negotiable (click here for: Master Class Proposal Form)

Artists are invited to present a lecture demonstration, open to the PVA students and the general public, at Studio 39.  The Master Class Series occurs each Thursday of the academic year.  Artists may present a single master class or a series of master classes.  Each master class occurs from 2:30-4:30 p.m.  Examples:  A vocal or instrumental soloist or small ensemble concert  and lecture focused on a specific theme; a visual artist creating a work in front of the audience and discussing his/her process while doing so; actors presenting monologues or scenes and discussing the acting process; a choreographer or dancer(s) presenting small pieces and discussing the concept of each piece; a videographer or photographer exhibiting work and discussing the creative process.


PVA Schools for Prospective Students

If you are interested in specific information about a PVA School please contact the following:

Annapolis High School: Glenna Blessing, PVA Department Chair

Broadneck High School: Paul Dembowski, PVA Department Chair

Bates Middle School: Lottie Porch, PVA Teacher Specialist

Brooklyn Park Middle School: Melanie Heyl, PVA Teacher Specialist


Interested in applying to this Magnet Program?

The deadline to submit an on-time application for the BMAH, IB, PVA, or STEM Magnet program was noon on December 4, 2013.  If you did not submit an application but are interested in one of these programs, you can still submit a Late Application that will be considered in the Spring after all eligible on-time applicants have been offered seats in a Magnet Program. To start your Magnet Application, click here. The late auditions will take place at Broadneck High School on May 7, 2014 from 4:00 - 7:00 PM.


The PVA Magnet Middle School program serves students in grades 6-8. Students may apply to this program in grade 5.
The PVA Middle Schools are located in Wiley H. Bates Middle School and Brooklyn Park Middle School.


The PVA Magnet High School Program serves students in grades 9-12. Students may apply to this program in grade 8.

The PVA High Schools are Annapolis High School and Broadneck High School.

Music students attend Broadneck High School and Creative Writing, Dance, Film, Technical Production/Arts Management and Theatre students attend Annapolis High School.


2013-2014 Audition Information:

PVA Middle School 2013-2014 Audition Information

PVA High School 2013-2014 Audition Information  

PVA High School Film Applicants may use the storyboard template for their audition. For details about the PVA Audition, please download and review the PVA High School 2013-2014 Audition Information (above).

PVA High School Theatre Applicants may choose from one of the provided monologues from PDF document:click on Monologues for Women or Men or select from the suggested playwrights listed in the Audition Guide. For details about the PVA Audition, please download and review the PVA High School 2013-2014 Audition Information (above).

         Monologues for Women

Monologues for Men

PVA Middle School Music Applicants must perform the selection for their instrument (listed below). For details about the PVA Audition, please download and review the PVA Middle School 2013-2014 Audition Information (above).

Alto Saxophone   Baritone Horn  Baritone Horn Bass Clef  Bassoon Bartione Horn Treble Clef  Baritone Saxophone

Bartitone Treble Clef  Clarinet in Bb  Flute  Horn in F  Oboe  Percussion- Snare Tenor Saxophone   Trombone 

Trumpet in Bb  Tuba  Cello  Double Bass Violin  Viola  MS Vocal Music

PVA High School Music Applicants must perform the selection for their instrument (listed below). For details about the PVA Audition, please download and review the PVA High School 2013-2014 Audition Information (above).

HS Vocal Music  Guitar Violin  Viola  Cello  Alto Clarinet    Alto Saxophone  Baritone Treble Clef  Baritone Bass Clef 
Bartitone Saxophone  Tenor Saxophone   Bass  Trombone Tuba Percussion Snare   Oboe  Horn F  Flute  Clarinet in Bb Bassoon

Questions about a Magnet Program or Application?

Download the Magnet Information Sheets
Review the Step-by-Step Application Guide available at the Magnet Home Page.
Contact Us:
  • Magnet and Signatures Main Phone Line
    • 410-222-5391 (extension 1)
  • Additional Magnet Phone Lines:
    • 410-222-5342
    • 410-222-5430    

For more information, please contact: 

Lori Snyder at (w) 410-222-7284 or

Melanie Heyl (Middle School questions Brooklyn Park MS) at (w) 410-636-2967 or

Lottie Porch (Middle School questions Bates MS) at (w) 410-263-0270 or

Ken Skrzesz (High School questions) at (w) 410-222-5391 or