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School Psychology Services at AACPS

 Program Information



Dr. Kellie Anderson, NCSP
Office of Psychological Services
410-222-5636 Fax

Nick Silvestri, NCSP
Resource School Psychologist
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Sherri Watson
Secretary for Coordinator of School Psychologists/Social Workers
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Social Worker working with two students

School Psychologists: Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges

Who Are We?

School Psychologists and School Social Workers are specially trained as mediators and problem-solvers to link mental health to learning and behavior.  We are consultants, crisis interventionists, and direct service providers. We are educators, advisors, and trainers, but most importantly, we work to improve students’ educational opportunities and success.

Are School Psychological Services Provided in Every School?

School Psychologists are assigned to every public school in Anne Arundel County.  School Social Workers are assigned to specific schools that have programs and services for students with intensive needs.  We are trained to work with students from early childhood through the age of 21.


How Do I Contact the School Psychologist/Social Worker at My Child's School?

School Psychologists and School Social Workers can be contacted by calling your child's school directly.  Many school psychologists and some school social workers work with several different schools and may not be in your child's building on the day you call. However, most school secretaries can provide you with appropriate and timely contact information.


 What Services Are Provided?


Both School Psychologists and School Social Workers provide presentations or workshops to help teachers, parents and community groups understand students’ emotional and learning needs. One goal is to focus attention on students’ developmental needs in order to provide suggestions on how to prevent problems from increasing. 


When appropriate, school psychologists conduct individual student assessments in an effort to measure:

  • Academic achievement/learning aptitudes;
  • Self-help and social skills;
  • Motor development, and
  • Personality and emotional development.


School Social Workers meet with family members, students and staff to better understand and address the needs of students.

For more information about autism, ADHD, and other disabilities, checkout Parent Information Brochures.

Program Evaluation

As experts in the fields of psychology and education, School Psychologists assist in evaluation of the effectiveness of academic programs.  We also help to support efforts, such as “drop out” or suicide prevention programs or programs for children of divorced families.  Formal research may be part of program evaluation.


School Psychologists and School Social Workers work with parents, teachers and school personnel to:

  • Help students learn and grow;
  • Improve instructional methods of the learning environment of the classroom or home;
  • Improve the working relationships among parents, teachers, and administrators, and;
  • Access community resources, which are available to assist the student and family.


School Psychologists and School Social Workers are instrumental to the success of the Collaborative Decision Making consultation model; serving as county-wide coaches or school team members.

For more information about Collaborative Decision Making,
click the logo:

 Logo - Collaborative Decision Making- Learning Collaboration Results

Direct Intervention

School Psychologists and School Social Workers work directly with a student and/or family to resolve problems.  We use a variety of intervention strategies such as counseling or behavior management.  We act as a liaison for families to community resources and are often the link between schools and private medical or psychological practitioners. School Psychologists and School Social Workers provide support groups for topics such as:

  • Self-esteem;
  • Parenting;
  • Substance abuse problems;
  • Classroom management, and;
  • Homework skills.


 Who Benefits from Psychological Services?

Students benefit when …. 

  • We work with schools to develop academic programs that are designed specifically to challenge the student’s strengths and overcome weaknesses;
  • We work with teachers and parents to create a positive atmosphere both at school and at home;
  • We provide counseling to resolve personal, family or school issues, which interfere with academic progress;
  • We assess a student’s cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses to determine an appropriate program to meet specific needs, and
  • We meet with family members, students and staff to better understand and address the needs of students.

Parents benefit when . . .

  • We provide recommendations on helping their children benefit from educational opportunities;
  • We offer strategies for effective parenting, and
  • We offer support in learning to deal with their youngsters in different situations.
  • We provide professional help concerning their child. 

Teachers and Administrators benefit when . . .

  • We offer assistance in developing programs to meet school and student needs, and
  • We help in identifying students who need special programs.

          The Community benefits when ...

  • We collaborate with local mental health service providers to affect positve outcomes for our students.

Check out the Resources section to access links to websites of interest.