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IB Program Contact Information

Middle Years Programme in Middle Schools

Annapolis Middle School, MacArthur Middle School and Old Mill Middle School North are fully authorized by the IB to offer the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP 6-8) for students in grades 6-8. 


What is the IB Middle Years Programme?

In the middle schools, the IB Middle Years Programme (IB MYP 6-8) is a three-year program designed to offer a teaching methodology that connects school subjects to the world outside of the classroom and challenges students to consider their role in both global and local communities.

IB MYP (6-8) middle schools apply for authorization from the IB organization.  Teachers are trained by the IB organization and use IB assessment criteria to evaluate student learning.

What are the benefits for students?

The IB MYP (6-8) gives students the chance to become involved in a world renowned program where they develop an international and intercultural awareness through a challenging curriculum.  Students receive recognition for both the completion of the program as well as their level of achievement.  The IB MYP (6-8) provides a strong foundation for the high school International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP).

What will students do in the IB MYP (6-8)?

The IB MYP (6-8) provides students with an inquiry-based education focused on fostering well-rounded individuals who are able to draw connections between their work in school and the greater community.  While each MYP (6-8) school has its own unique elements, all students in this program will engage in an interdisciplinary education centered on eight subject groups: English, World Language, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, the Arts, Technology, and Physical Education.  Students learn to view these content groups through five unique Areas of Interaction: Approaches to Learning, Community and Service, Environments, Health and Social Education, and Human Ingenuity (the creativity of humankind).

What additional opportunities will IB students have?

Throughout this program, IB MYP (6-8) students will:

  • Interact with teachers and other students from around the globe.
  • Learn to communicate in a second language.
  • Become involved in a community project inspired by their academic career.
  • Complete Pre-Algebra or Algebra I and one year of a language by the end of grade 8 to be eligible to apply to the high school IB DP/MYP (9-10) Programme.

Who is eligible?

Students apply to the IB MYP(6-8) in grade 5.  Students who live within the attendance area for Annapolis Middle School, MacArthur Middle School, and Old Mill Middle School North are automatically enrolled in the IB Middle Years Programme, and need not apply.  For students who do not live within the attendance area of these three schools, click here to find specific information about the requirements of the program .  Students in grade 6 who are interested in the program should contact their IB school/school-based IB Programme Coordinator for information on the 6th Grade Criteria for Selection.