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Advanced Co-Curricular Programs The Co-Curricular program in Anne Arundel County Public Schools offers a broad spectrum of learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom for elementary, middle, and high school students. It is intended to complement, broaden and provide a practical application of the knowledge students receive in regular classes. Co-Curricular activities afford every child the opportunity to participate in activates for which they have a passion for and enjoy. The program provides students the chance to work as a member of a group in order to achieve a goal. Co-Curricular activities require students to think critically, solve problems, manage time, and appreciate the talents and differing abilities of other students. In addition, it provides them with meaningful, expanded learning experiences, and opportunities to grow as individuals.

The Advanced Co-Curricular Programs Office is a link between the Anne Arundel County Public School System and to community at large. It offers challenging opportunities for talented and/or advanced learners and their families in three main areas: 

  • Adjunct Programs- Adjunct programs augment the instructional program outside the regular school day. They provide an enriching complement to a studentís regular education experience. Anne Arundel County Public Schools is fortunate to have strong partnerships with organizations in the community that comprise unparalleled resources, including the U.S. Naval Academy, the National Security Agency, Anne Arundel Community College, and Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. 

              Click on the Adjunct Tab on the left to view/download current  brochures and information about related programs.

  • Academic Competitions-These are a variety of academic challenges at local, state, and national levels in which schools may elect to participate. The Advanced Co-Curricular Programs Office supports selected academic competitions for elementary, middle and high schools.
  • Advanced Clubs and Activities- These are challenging or enriching clubs or activities for students and/or families with special interests. Some activities are held during the school day, extensions of the school day or the weekends while others take place in the summer. Some take place in a setting with face-to-face contact, while others are on-line, requiring remote access.