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Anne Arundel County Public Schools selects an Educator, Employee, and Volunteer of the Month from September through June.

The Educator of the Month and Employee of the Month are chosen by a committee made up of members of the Anne Arundel County Retired School Personnel Association (AARSPA)

The Volunteer of the Month is chosen by a committee made up of staff from the Office of School & Family Partnerships and parents.

Employee of the Month

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MAY 2016
KAY PULFORD, Contract Specialist with the Office of Athletics 

Itís been 33 years since Congress declared the month of May National Physical Fitness and Sports Month in America.  And there canít be a better time to celebrate physical activity as the warm weather and sunshine make their way into our lives!  There also canít be a better time for the Board of Education to recognize an employee in our school system who keeps the Office of Athletics and the coordination of coaching and extracurricular club contracts running like a well-oiled machine!

 Kay Pulford is tasked with coordinating coaching and extracurricular club contracts for AACPS. Contract specialists work with administrators, secretaries, and athletic departments at each of the 121 schools across the county to manage the more than 1500 extracurricular club/activity advisors and coaches.  In doing so, Kay supports the school system by communicating guidelines, establishing and maintaining rosters, issuing season contracts, completing the verification process, and issuing payment to the advisors and coaches.

 Kay is extremely thorough, thoughtful, and organized in her approach to this work.  She has managed transitions in software systems and protocol with a sense of detail and pride in doing the job perfectly.  Additionally, Kay brings to her job an institutional knowledge base that is invaluable.  While the Office of Athletics is often faced with questions about unique circumstances, Kay is always there to cite precedent and provide supporting documentation.

 After having retired from teaching P.E. for many years at Glen Burnie High School, Kay Pulford began working in the Office of Athletics over eleven years ago.  Throughout her time she has been a consistent presence, offering support and training to many others who have come through the office, remaining steadfast and diligent in ensuring all procedures are followed. Kay has a great sense of humor, a fun personality, and an ability to balance the behind-the-scenes detailed nature of her work with a sense of the overall picture of athletics in our county.  Her work as a contract specialist impacts classroom instruction by providing the necessary support to schools to offer a wide variety of after school programs that keep students engaged in their educational process.  AACPS would simply not be able to offer all of the athletic and extracurricular programs were it not for the hard work and dedication of this amazing employee.  Those who have been working at the Board for some time know Kay Pulford.   She zips around the Parham Building working with many departments to connect the dots needed in order to get coaches and club advisors under contract throughout the county.

 Kay Pulford Ė you take professionalism to a new level, setting the standard for your entire department.  You work hard at building relationships and it pays off.  You go above and beyond, working late hours in the evening, early hours in the morning, and on weekends, to ensure all coaches and club advisors are under contract and receive payment in a timely fashion.

So for these reasons and more the Board of Education is honored to recognize you as Employee of the Month for May 2016.  Congratulations!