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Anne Arundel County Public Schools selects an Educator, Employee, and Volunteer of the Month from September through June.

The Educator of the Month and Employee of the Month are chosen by a committee made up of members of the Anne Arundel County Retired School Personnel Association (AARSPA)

The Volunteer of the Month is chosen by a committee made up of staff from the Office of School & Family Partnerships and parents.

Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month W.jpg

       NOVEMBER  2015






In a perfect world in Anne Arundel County Public Schools, when an amazing employee is assigned to two schools, the Board would like to “wave its magic wand” and clone the employee so each school could reap 100% of the benefits of the employee’s excellent work product.  Such is the case with Mr. George Guthrie, Technology Support Technician serving both Arnold and Belvedere Elementary Schools


Once the word got out last January that the principals of both schools planned on nominating George for Employee of the Month, there was overwhelming enthusiasm in support of the nomination.  So much that teacher after teacher asked if they could provide personal input to the nomination form.  So Mr. Guthrie…….. the Board would like to share with you this morning just what some of those teachers had to say about their favorite Technology Support Technician!


“George is always willing to go that extra mile, and to see that things work right.  He is the hardest working lab tech I have ever met!”


“Fantastic!  I have such confidence in him that if I ever need anything, not only is he available, but he is so quick to get whatever I need.”


“George is a great partner!  He keeps me informed on all the latest technology news so I can relay it to other teachers on the days he is at his other school.”


“Mr. Guthrie is a very effective tech, but more importantly he is a patient and wise teacher of technology.  My experience with George is that he always finds the time to fix, assist and educate me on any IT issue I have ever had.


“He is empathetic to teacher’s technology needs and takes all the time in the world to help “tutor” the teacher so we have a complete understanding of the process.  He doesn’t waste a single minute of his work time!”


“George is known throughout both Arnold and Belvedere for his kindness, patience and willingness to help staff and students.”


George Gutherie – you are an amazing problem solver.  You will work tirelessly until you find the solution for any given problem.  In addition to your technical know-how, you are kind, considerate and approachable.  You have the ability to make everyone feel comfortable with technology, without making anyone feel challenged.  Your positive outlook on life is contagious, and you are an incredible asset to Arnold and Belvedere Elementary Schools!  So for these reasons and more, the Board of Education is honored to recognize you Employee of the Month for November 2015.  Congratulations!