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Anne Arundel County Public Schools selects an Educator, Employee, and Volunteer of the Month from September through June.

The Educator of the Month and Employee of the Month are chosen by a committee made up of members of the Anne Arundel County Retired School Personnel Association (AARSPA)

The Volunteer of the Month is chosen by a committee made up of staff from the Office of School & Family Partnerships and parents.

Employee of the Month

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April 2016

For the month of April 2016 we recognize an employee in our school system who can be described as the “consummate secretary.”  Her performance is consistently outstanding in every aspect of her position.  She is loyal, confidential, discreet, and willing to undertake any assignment given to her by a team of three administrators at Severna Park Middle School.  Kathy Truffer, Employee of the Month for April 2016, meticulously performs her duties each day with patience, poise and professionalism.   She prepares disciplinary letters and updates the Share Point with the infractions associated with discipline.  No letters leave the office without the benefit of Kathy’s wordsmithing skills.

Kathy wears many hats at Severna Park Middle.  She is the liaison with the transportation office, bus contractors, and drivers.  She also assists with acquiring substitutes for the school – sometimes with very little notice; but her strong connection with the community and with substitute teachers ensures that all classrooms are covered on any given day.  Mrs. Truffer is also the point of contact for submission of required student forms, locker assignments, school pictures and immunizations.  Her ability to manage all of these responsibilities so skillfully is worthy of note and praise.

Mrs. Truffer has a great rapport with faculty, staff, students and community members.  She consistently engages all stakeholders with respect, and she helps to diffuse potentially volatile situations in the student office as the first line of communication for administrators.   Her consistent willingness to assist all who need her is unrivaled.  She anticipates the needs of her administrators and determines the time required to effectively satisfy those needs – all while completing her normal duties – a delicate balance which she has mastered. 

Mrs. Truffer can be counted on to do her job with her trademark smile and consistent positive manner.  It does not matter how hectic the day, or how many requests are before her, she is pleasant, courteous, selfless and resourceful.  The administrators at Severna Park Middle depend on her and draw from the reservoir of calm each day as a means of managing their frenzied demands. 

Kathy Truffer – you are appreciated and admired by the students, teachers and staff at Severna Park Middle School.  As the consummate professional you are consistently looking for ways to improve the student office’s efficiency as well as your own professional growth.  The value you bring to your school and to your administrators is immeasurable!  So for these reasons and more, the Board of Education is honored to recognize you as Employee of the Month for April 2016.  Congratulations!