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Anne Arundel County Public Schools selects an Educator, Employee, and Volunteer of the Month from September through June.

The Educator of the Month and Employee of the Month are chosen by a committee made up of members of the Anne Arundel County Retired School Personnel Association (AARSPA)

The Volunteer of the Month is chosen by a committee made up of staff from the Office of School & Family Partnerships and parents.

Educator of the Month

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We honor an educator in our school system who is the definition of her school’s mission statement – “to empower students to achieve rigorous academic goals, to become college and career ready, and to contribute to the community in pursuit of a better quality of life for themselves and others.”  The School:  Glen Burnie High School……The Educator:  Pupil Personnel Worker Lynne Weise.


Seeing Lynne work with a particular student, is seeing an educator connect with their student on a different level – a level beyond what is happening at school.  Her job takes her on many adventures. She is in and out of classrooms looking to help in any way possible. She reaches out to her students, many of whom are homeless, in many ways.  These students never go hungry, thirsty, or ill-prepared for school as long as Lynne is around.  Each and every student Lynne works with is a better person because of her influence.


Lynne Weise builds relationships in every building she steps into, and she relies on those relationships to accomplish the amazing things she does every day in support of her students.  She is the personification of the Superintendent’s message:  “Be Nice.”  She has a job that takes a toll on her emotionally; but she is never seen without a smile on her face, while multi-tasking 10 different projects all at once.  If her school needs a guest speaker, or an outside source of any kind, Lynne is willing to work to bring that person’s positive influence to make Glen Burnie High a better place.  She assists in a number of programs on a regular basis, including the Suicide Prevention Walk, Jungle Bell Jogs, the Athletic Department Blood Drive, and Breast Cancer Awareness “Pink Out” football games, just to name a few.  Lynne Weise is at EVERY event, supporting EVERY teacher – spreading all the positive things she has to offer!


If a student isn’t able to play a sport due to financial hardship, Lynne finds a solution to get the student the cleats, running shoes, clothing, a sports physical exam, and transportation needed to participate.  She works with people on campus to feed and clothe students who need assistance.  Lynne believes in her students and her students believe in Lynne, evidenced by the many success stories of students who have been under Lynne’s guidance.


Lynne Weise – you are the embodiment of what every teacher, educator, and staff member should be; and Glen Burnie High School is a better community because of your hard work, dedication, and commitment to all of your students and to your school system.  So on behalf of the Board of Education and Anne Arundel County Public Schools, it is my honor to recognize you Educator of the Month for January 2017.  Congratulations!