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Tuition Reimbursement

College/University Partnerships


SAAAAC Members (Negotiated Master Agreement, Article 14)

Other stipulations apply that are not noted in this chart. See specific information below and your negotiated agreement.

General college tuition (includes partnership programs)

Up to $125 per credit / Max $1,000.00 combined credits and CEUs

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Up to $90 per credit / Max $1,000.00 combined credits and CEUs

To receive tuition reimbursement, the employee must submit the following in one complete packet (do not submit items separately - incomplete submissions will be returned):

  • Course Pre-approval Form

  • Request for Reimbursement Form

  • Official Transcript

  • A copy of the college/university account statement is needed to show proof of  how much you were billed for tuition as well as proof of payment.  Statement must include  your name, the college name, the dates, name and/or semester of course work taken, how much you were billed for tuition and it must show the payment as completed. 

Unit IV - Requirements, Limitations and Programs

  • Courses eligible for reimbursement must be job-related and have the pre-approval of the HR Operations Specialist, Davetta Henderson prior to enrollment. Classes taken at AACC are not subject to pre-approval as long as they are job related (determined by HR Operations Specialist).

  • Reimbursed for college coursework up to $125.00 per semester hour or $90.00 per CEU up to a maximum of $1,000.00 per reimbursement year (see main webpage for what constitutes a reimbursement year). 

  • Must earn a grade of C or better to be eligible for payment. 

  • For reimbursement of non-graded courses, they must be job-related, evidence of successful completion must be provided to the Executive Director of Human Relations or designee, and the course shall not duplicate content and skills covered in AAPCS offered courses.