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December 23-31 - All the North County High School offices will be closed during the holiday vacation.  There will be no staff on hand during these days.  If you have an appointment with any administrator, guidance counselor, or anyone else within the school, be sure to re-schedule the appointment.




The Smaller Learning Communities (SLC) Grant is a grant from the U. S. Department of Education to restructure the high school into smaller units called career clusters.  The goals of the project are to enhance academic achievement, increase academic rigor, and create a better school climate.  The Smaller Learning Communities concept comes out of research that demonstrates that students learn better and retain more when they learn things in context, when they know why they are learning.  Click on the link below to go the AACPS Smaller Learning Communities.

AACPS Smaller Learning Communities

  The five career clusters are listed below.  You can click on the title of the career cluster to obtain detailed information on the AACPS website. 

Arts, Communications, and Humanities Shield

Arts, Communications, and Humanities


People in the Arts, Communications and Humanities cluster design, produce, perform, exhibit, write, and create multimedia content.  In communications careers, they design and work on ways to get information to audiences.  Language, literature and philosophy are also included in this cluster


Examples of Career Choices:  Journalist, Artist, Disc Jockey, Composer, Dancer, Actor, Poet, Musician, Designer, Cartoonist, Drafter, and many, many more.
Business, Management, and Finance Shield

Business, Management and Finance


People in the Business, Management and Finance cluster support private companies, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies by managing people, information and finances. 


 Examples of Career Choices: Advertising Executive, Accountant, Business Owner, Stock Broker, Insurance Underwriter, Banker, Marketing, Sales, and many, many more
Engineering, Mechanical, and Information Technologies Shield

Engineering, Mechanical and Information Technologies 


People in the Engineering, Mechanical and Information Technologies cluster use scientific and technical knowledge and skill to design, manufacture, assemble, inspect, maintain and repair components, structures and facilities.


Examples of Career Choices:  Engineer, Computer Assisted Drafter, Biologist, Marine Biologist, Astronomer, Meteorologist, Computer Network Technician, and many, many more.
Health, Environmental and Life Sciences Shield

Health, Environmental and Life Sciences


People in the Health, Environmental and Life Sciences cluster help people maintain their physical and mental health.  Some apply their skills to repair or enhance our natural environment.  They also help future generations by researching new ways to improve the quality of life.


 Examples of Career Choices:  Doctor, Nurse, Nursing Assistant, Chemist, Lab Technician, Forests Technician, Park Ranger, Physician, Veterinarian, and many, many more.
Human Services Shield

Human Services


People working in the Human Services cluster provide protective, social, educational, and community services. They provide assistance to individuals, families and communities.


 Examples of Career Choices:  Police Officer, Military, Firefighter, Teacher, Lawyer, Childcare, Barber/Cosmetologist, Social Worker, Physical Therapist, Chef, Chauffer, Trucker, Human Relations Specialist, Counselor, and many, many, more.

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