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December 23-31 - All the North County High School offices will be closed during the holiday vacation.  There will be no staff on hand during these days.  If you have an appointment with any administrator, guidance counselor, or anyone else within the school, be sure to re-schedule the appointment.


Assistant Principal

Dean of Safety and Discipline

Email Address:

Primary Responsibilities

  • Attendance/Discipline:  Grades 9-12 (Kr-Ri)

  • Senior Activities--Grade 12

  • Crisis Plan--Emergency Procedures

  • Student Code of Conduct

  • PBIS

  • Character Education

  • SRO Liaison/Police Department

  • Transportation

  • Choices/Alternative Programs

  • Student Advocates

  • Bullying Contact

  • Support Program Liaison (DJJ, Substance Abuse, Wages)

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