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How Texting Affects Teens

By: Brittany Willingham

Texting is a phenomenon that is sweeping the teens of the Unites States.  Over the last couple of years, the number of teens that text has sky rocketed.  Although many teens probably don’t want to hear it, texting has negative side effects.

Driving is difficult enough and if you add a cell phone to the equation, it can be deadly.  Car crashes are one of the leading causes of death among teens.  Texting while driving affects reaction time and is a major distraction.

 13WHAM News surveyed 150 teens and 30 percent of those teens say that they use a cell phone while driving and 17 percent say that they text while driving.

 Every year there are deadly car crashes which are caused by texting.  These accidents can be avoided if teens realize that waiting 10 extra minutes to reach your destination to text could save someone’s life.

Texting also affects your sleep.  Sleep is critical to our health.  Teens barely get enough sleep as it is, but when you add answering text messages in the middle of the night then teens definitely don’t get nearly enough sleep. 

A study in Belgium reported that 13.4 percent of teenagers woke up 1-3 times a month and 10.8 percent report be woken up at least once a week.  This is a trend that should be changed.

Misspellings are occurring more often on English papers as well.  Teens abbreviate words while texting, like “u” instead or “you” and “lol” for “laughing out loud”.  These abbreviations are affecting the spelling in English papers.

This is a growing problem in schools.  In the future, this bad grammar can affect your job which may inhibit you from being able to succeed.

Texting is extremely popular among teens.  Along with this popularity comes the popularity of accidents, lack of sleep, and academic problems.  Teens should learn to coordinate texting with various aspects of their lives without having negative side effects.