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Posting Process

New web sites and updates to existing sites should be submitted in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), with a printed copy and the Web Home Page Review Form. HTML format is preferred.  Sites may be submitted:

  • Via e-mail to the Web Services Office.  PLEASE Zip files whenever possible, especially when e-mailing.
  • Placed in a public directory on a file server (for schools on the WAN) with notification by phone or e-mail, or 
  • submitted on floppy disk or CD-Rom.
  • The Web Page Review Form Adobe Acrobat pdf should be sent via basket mail.

The content of new web sites associated with Anne Arundel County Public Schools is reviewed by the Web Services Office before posting.

Depending on the size of a new site, the number of technical corrections that need to be made, and the number of posting requests received, posting may take a few days. Every effort is made to post time-sensitive information very soon after it is received.




Media Release Permission

NOTE:  The previous Media Release form is no longer required  for use of photos on AACPS web sites. Parents fill out an Emergency Notification form at the beginning of the year which addresses this topic. 

Web Page Assistance

Assistance is available through Web Services, located in the Communications Office. 

Contact Web Services for questions on content & process, design, posting process, & technical issues.