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Organizing School or Department Web Sites

Please read these guidelines if you will be developing web pages as part of the Anne Arundel County Public Schools' web site.

Before creating a site, you should have:

  • Knowledge of HTML, or a web authoring program such as Dreamweaver or Microsoft Front Page

  • Expertise on how to use graphics on a website and

  • Web programming knowledge

Whether spearheaded by students or staff, creating and maintaining a website is an ongoing task and learning experience. The following guidelines, which are intended to aid you in the creative process, to safeguard students, and to provide accessibility to our website to everyone, have been established for schools and central offices. 

Please note that the office of Web Services provides an oversight and management function for all websites under and all school sites. The principal and/or department head is ultimately responsible for the content of your school or office website, and should be aware of a websites' existence and content. All content should be monitored for accuracy and appropriateness and be kept up-to-date by the specific department or school.

Web Page Creation/Ownership

  • All web pages should include links to the main AACPS site - The front (index) page should include prominent links to that school's newsletter, MealPayPlus and the ParentConnectxp portal.
  • All school websites are the property of Anne Arundel County Public Schools.  If you are an outside entity creating a site for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, please note that the site must be able to be accessed and edited by AACPS employees.  AACPS reserves the right to choose what site is actually designated as a school website and may request the removal or editing of particular content at anytime.  All school sites must be managed and updated by Anne Arundel County employees or in partnership with such. 

Web Page Content

  • Presentation and content should be balanced and information should be displayed in a clear, easy-to-read manner. (Too much text can be overwhelming, so be sure to take advantage of the many resources on the web regarding writing and summarizing for the web.)
  • Be sure to include contact information for the person (e-mail, phone #) for the person managing the site.. 





Media Release Permission

NOTE:  The previous Media Release form is no longer required  for use of photos on AACPS web sites. Parents fill out an Emergency Notification form at the beginning of the year which addresses this topic. 

Web Page Assistance

Assistance is available through Web Services, located in the Communications Office. 

Contact Web Services for questions on content & process, design, posting process, & technical issues.