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Web Publishing Guidelines

  • All school site content (and site webmasters) are subject to approval by the principal (or designee) of each individual school.  Individuals who are working independently on school sites and who are not employed by or students of that school (in the case of those volunteering or donating their website services) must work in conjunction with a student or employee at that school.  Individuals who have access to independently hosted sites must be a school employee, student, or group of students who have responsibility for the site (a tech support at the school, for example). 

    The AACPS Web Services Office should be contacted if a school does not have a designee responsible for the maintenance of a school website.
  • Some schools have purchased a custom URL ( for their particular school.  Please note that all AACPS school website content is owned by AACPS and is subject to the same rules governing site content under  This decision to have an independent URL is subject to approval by the principal (or designee) of the school. 

    If schools desire a customized URL, the use of website forwarding (redirection) is encouraged (and not independent hosting) so that we may offer appropriate technical and content support, ensure consistency as well as the privacy and security of school websites.

    Additionally, AACPS has the right to oversee content for all independently hosted school sites, request access to, and/or require changes/deletions to inappropriate, out-of-date, or irrelevant site content. 
  • Executables, Perl, and Cold Fusion are not currently supported at this time for school sites hosted under If more information is needed about this subject, please contact the Web Services Office
  • A general school template, designed for AACPS school sites, is available if you need a general site to "plug in" content for your school.  Please contact the Web Services Office so that we can assist you in setting up your site and show you how you can update your content live.

Online Surveys

If you need to conduct an online survey, please contact the Web Services Office to discuss your specifications. AACPS has a standard survey system - many options are available for survey deployment and displaying/utilizing results..   




Media Release Permission

NOTE:  The previous Media Release form is no longer required  for use of photos on AACPS web sites. Parents fill out an Emergency Notification form at the beginning of the year which addresses this topic. 

Web Page Assistance

Assistance is available through Web Services, located in the Communications Office. 

Contact Web Services for questions on content & process, design, posting process, & technical issues.