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Paris, Eiffel Tower
Pyramids, Egyptian

~He who does not know foreign languages knows nothing of his own.~

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

World/Classical Languages

Our Mission

To educate students about other languages and cultures in a safe, nurturing environment

To lead students to communicate effectively in the target language

To foster respect among all peoples in the world

To encourage active, global citizenship

To develop target language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing

To increase vocabulary and grammatical knowledge in both the studentsí first language and the language studied

To advance studentsí awareness about the connection among all their academic classes

The changing nature of our society has placed greater demands on students.  In order to succeed in the twenty-first century, they will be required to acquire new communication skills.  The acquisition of other languages will enable students to communicate across cultures and gain knowledge of other cultures in order to interact effectively within the community and global marketplace.

All students are encouraged to elect one or more world or classical languages in the course of their total education.  Extended language study is strongly recommended. 

"Language and international education  are clearly in  the public and national interest.  Knowledge of other languages increases intellectual abilities  and provides a window of understanding to other customs and cultures.......

Only with language competence can Americans hope to conduct effective trade policy, expand international trade, ensure the integrity of national defense, enhance international communication, and develop a truly broad-based education for all citizens."

Reprinted with permission from the mission statement of the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) and  the National Council for Languages and International Studies