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"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it."
Margaret Fuller

What is Mentorship/Internship?

  • an intentional process in which the mentor and student complete specific responsibilities 
  • a nurturing process which fosters the growth and development of the student toward full maturity 
  • an insightful process in which the wisdom of the mentor is acquired and then applied by the student 
  • a supportive and protective process in which the student learns new ideas and skills as well as provides a service to the mentor and the institution 
When do these programs occur? 
  • Internship occurs during the summer months.
  • Mentorship programs occur during the school year.
When do students work with the mentors?
  • Students accepted into the program work after school for approximately five hours per week, for a total of 66 hours per semester or summer. 
  • Participants earn 1/2 alternative credit.
What types of Mentorships/Internships are available?
  • Maryland State Archives:  biographical research, historical research 
  • Maryland Municipal League:  curriculum development, historical research, public relations 
  • Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts:  business manager, catalog preparation, classroom assistant, marketing/advertising, public relations 
What are the qualifications for participation in the Mentorship/Internship Program?
  • Student must be a high school junior or senior. 
  • Student must have a grade point average of B or above with verification from a school guidance counselor. 
  • Student should have a recommendation from a professional who has taught the student in a related area of study. 
  • Student should show task commitment, ability to learn in an independent setting, and ability to respond to directions from adults. 
  • Student must be enthusiastic and demonstrate a sincere interest in pursuing an academic mentorship/internship experience. 
  • Student must provide his/her own transportation to the work site. 
  • Student should demonstrate a willingness to develop a culminating product for display at the end of the mentorship experience. 
What is required of the Mentorship/Internship student?
  • monthly logs 
  • on-site visitations with a G/T/AP resource teacher or coordinator 
  • notification of change in work schedule to mentor 
  • completion of tasks/projects in a timely, responsible, and mature manner
  • collection of completed evaluation materials from mentor
What constitutes a successful Mentorship/Internship program?
  • completing a minimum 66 hours of work per semester or summer session (1/2 alternative credit per 66 hours) 
  • submitting all signed monthly logs to the G/T/AP Office 
  • receiving a satisfactory evaluation from the mentor on an Alternative Credit Evaluation Sheet 
  • participating in a reception honoring the successful completion of two consecutive semesters of work with a mentor 
  • awarding of 1/2 alternative credit for each 66 hours of work to be recorded on the report card and the permanent record card 

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